Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music Class with Thunderstorms

Evie is so particular about her belongings which was evident when observing her gathering everything up to leave this morning. What an interesting combination of stuff! She had a camera bag which served as her purse, a shower ring, a blanket, an old necklace of mine, an invitation to a birthday party and of course Raffi could not be left behind.  Miss Independent did not want any help and was not interested in putting any of the items inside the camera bag. I have a feeling she's going to be giving me a run for my money for a long time!

  Target was our destination. It's rare that we can steer clear of there for more than a few days. Evie started shouting ball, ball, ball from the backseat. I noticed that the large red sculptures that serve as deterrents from crazy people who might want to drive into the building look kinda like large balls especially through the eyes of a toddler.  Well, Evie loves these balls and had to pet each and every one. All ten of them! We had some extra time on our hands so I let her visit with each ball as long she wanted. Let's hope she forgets about this so we do not have to visit the balls every time we go to Target.

   A HUGE storm was brewing and the ski was eerily dark. Soon, the torrential rains started falling and lightening crackled in the sky. Pretty scary to be out and about during the storm but we were already out so we kept on going. Our weatherman called to check on us and assured us that the radar was indicating that the storm was on it's way out. It sure comes in handy to receive such personalized weather reports from my resident weather man!

     Evie and I were headed to The Music Playhouse for a music class with our MOMS group. It was so fun and very different from Kindermusik. So different that I cannot decide which one that I prefer but Evie seems to like them both. Evie showed off her dance moves and loved all the instruments. There was a little baby there that totally captivated Evie's attention. She wanted to hold her bib, suck her pacifier and even patted her on the head. Samantha, the baby, had a big sister so she's accustomed to all of this "loving" attention. Evie just could not get enough of Samantha. She also could not get enough of this floor piano similar to the one from the movie Big. Evie just loved it and giggled every time it played a note.

     Evie napped and I worked on the July calendar for my group. It's been so long since I have had to do any type of organized work that it was pretty hard for me to get it done especially since it involved about 20 emails with all of the different people involved. It was good for my brain that's for certain.

It looks like Evie is going to be well taken care of by the neighborhood kids at the rate we are going.  Claire brought Evie a little phone and was so disappointed that Eve was not available to play. Evie and I did a little cleaning after her nap. She is such a good helper and sorted out the freezer for me. We were able to make a pretty good dent in both the fridge and freezer even with Evie running around doing crazy things like holding Sharpies and checking the temperature of my sweet tea. She has so much energy! We had another storm so we stopped cleaning to look out the window. Evie is pretty fascinated by rain just like her Daddy.

     Carl came home and I went out for a bit. It was such a nice break and I am always amazed at how much more I can get done when it's just me. Carseats make trips with toddlers pretty difficult with the constant transfer. Evie had fun with her Daddy and I loved being just me for a little bit even if I was just getting an eye exam.

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