Friday, June 18, 2010

Toddler Galore!

Evie and I were so excited to go on a nice long walk this morning. It was the first morning with temperatures suitable for walking. We enjoyed a nice balmy 74 degrees which felt delightful after the heat wave that we have been experiencing.

   Evie and I had two playdates this morning so we were rushing around the house trying to get it all together. Our first stop was Carol and Cassidy's house. They are leaving for two months. We are going to miss them so much!  Cassidy will change so much while she's gone. We might not recognize her. We had a nice morning playing with all the kiddos. Evie was a little more interested in the muffins than the toys but she warmed up quickly to the brightly colored balls. It's so fun to play with these kiddos that we have known for almost a year. They have all changed so much!

     Next, we headed to Kristin and Jacob's house. Evie and Jacob play so well together and Jacob was thrilled to show Evie all of his fun stuff! Kristin convinced me that I need to join Costco. She served this delicious Greek Chicken pasta for lunch. YUMMY! Evie liked it so much that only a few pieces ended up on the floor. Kristin and I could chat all day but it was time for Evie to nap so we headed back home.

   Evie napped and I did my housewife duties like mopping, laundry, calling the cable company etc. Just for the record, I prefer my Mommy jobs to my housekeeping responsibilities. I did have success with the cable company and was able to lower our bill while scoring an additional 100 channels. Not sure that we even watch the ones we have but it sure feels good to get something for nothing. Although, it's all part of their gimmick, they expect me to call to complain about how much it is costing me and then they lower it when really they were overcharging me. I got it all figured out!

    Evie and I had a nice leisurely afternoon at home. We colored with crayons, built block towers, tried on jewelry, ran around outside and covered ourselves with blue marker. It's time to get Evie some Color Wonder markers so she can only scribble on specified objects in our house. Although, she did look pretty cute in blue! These pictures do not capture the full scope of Evie's artwork.

    Carl came home and we opened a few packages together. Evie loves getting stuff in the mail. We ordered some fun stuff with Carl's points he earns through his work and most of it came today. Evie got a swing and a little red wagon. I got an ice-cream maker and some new camera stuff. Evie was so excited to see her new swing. It's similar to the one at her Nana and Ipop's house. We put her in it inside the house and rocked her back and forth. I took her out so we could take it outside and she got so mad. You would have thought the world as she knows it was coming to an end. She perked right up when she figured out our plan to hang the swing outside. Happy Friday! We sure are glad it's the weekend around here.


  1. We do the color wonder markers for my nephew otherwise I am afraid everyones wall would be very colorful. Enjoy your weekend with all your new treats.

  2. oh my goodness! evie has grown so much! she is beautiful!! i have missed yall:)

  3. You guys have been so busy! I don't get to check in every day anymore, so when I do have a chance to catch up with you, I can't believe everything Evie's gotten into! :)

    And I totally hate my housewife duties. I like the end results, but would much rather do something else than clean, pay bills, and make those kinds of phone calls!


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