Monday, June 7, 2010

Making friends!

Evie is back to normal today. I had forgotten how wild she can be since I had a bit of a respite last week at Carl's parents house. She was into everything today! Her medicine is still making her tired so she took two naps which was nice for me to have a little break. We met Evie's friends Cassidy and Logan for lunch at Chuy's. It was so good and the kids did great. Chuy's is the perfect place to take kids because it's already pretty loud in there. Evie noticed a cake at the table next to us and wanted to sample a bit. Luckily, she was deterred by a few yogurt melts. It was so good to see Amanda and Carol. I had not seen them both in over  a month. Evie and Cassidy shared a kids meal and Logan and Evie played their own little game of peek-a-boo. It was so nice to be out and about after being stuck at home for four days with a sick baby.

  Evie has been ravenous all day eating everything in sight. I guess she's making up for all the meals that she has missed in the last few days. It's been a full-time job keeping her tummy full. She took a little nap when we got home from lunch. I wasted the entire nap time ordering a few shirts and looking for a bubble for Evie. Did you wear Shade maternity while pregnant? I loved all of my Shade tops but was not aware that they also have clothes for non-preggos and they are extremely reasonable. Check out their site and you will not be disappointed if you are in need of some basic pieces. They make a really big deal out of selling modest clothing but really it only seems modest in comparison to all the junk out there in the stores.

    Evie woke up around 2 so I decided it would be a great day for a little sight seeing. We spend so much time doing the things we have to do and not enough time exploring our area. Evie and I headed to downtown Franklin and did a little shopping. We had so much fun and Evie got lots of compliments. She is a really good shopper and is really talented at selecting baked goods. I think she gets that from me. We shared a delicious chocolate chip cookie from one of our favorite bakeries. I browsed through a bunch of stores and Evie was quite cooperative. Maybe we should go shopping more often. Don't worry Carl we did not find anything to buy! Evie did find an entire table filled with Raffi's and was quite perplexed by it. She just knew that was her Raffi but luckily moved on to something else rather quickly. Sometimes that short attention span works to my advantage.

     We went into two children's shops that had little play areas. I let her out to play but kept a close eye on her. All of a sudden, I heard her giggling so I went to see what was going on and noticed that a little girl about six years old was holding Evie. It made me laugh because Evie has a bit of separation anxiety and does not usually enjoy people looking at her much less holding her. Apparently, this has changed because she was so happy being carted around by the six year old. It made me a little nervous especially because there was an exit right next to the play area so I took her with me and held her hand while checking out cute clothes for Evie. Well, she kept making her way back to the play area to see her new friend. The little girl had a little sister with her and their mom was about to have a little boy. They had a baby doll which does not compete with searching for a new bubble. Evie was in heaven! I have a feeling that mama is going to have plenty of help with her new little one.

    We ran a few more errands on the way home. She did really great on our little adventure until we were about five minutes from home. I think she was worn out because I had to work extra hard to entertain her for the next several hours. We played with her baby, built towers with her blocks, played outside, ate a snack, colored and got in the hammock changing activities every few minutes as Evie's attention span was not great this afternoon.  She is already fast asleep after her busy day. I'd be in the bed reading but my little tornado did a really job destroying the downstairs this afternoon.


  1. Glad to hear she is feeling better and back to be active.

  2. So glad she is feeling better.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
    P.S. Did you HAVE to mention Chuys? My tummy is growling at the thought! :o)


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