Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming and Baskin Robins

Evie did great sleeping last night. Thank goodness because we could not have handled a repeat performance. Evie was so happy to see her toys and played this morning around the house. She was so hungry and ate a huge breakfast so she might be growing again! Evie ate an entire bowl of cereal, several strawberries and a Nutrigrain bar plus a cup of milk and juice. That's a pretty big breakfast for a 17 month old. I made some brownies and Evie played with her little chairs from her Ipop. She lined them all up in a row and rotated her baby in and out of the lineup. It was quite methodical and done with so much determination.

     We went to a pool party at Amanda and Jackson's house. Evie had so much fun pointing out all the balls. She spotted a wagon and hopped right in for a little rest. Amanda made some yummy hot dogs and Evie enjoyed hers thoroughly along with some watermelon and brownies. It was so fun hanging out at the pool! Evie was so relaxed after lunch and just sat in her chair taking in the experience. It was so unusual to see her sitting so still.

   We headed home for naptime but someone was not too interested in sleeping. She sat in her crib and talked to herself before falling asleep. It was so funny to watch her on the monitor.

     I woke Evie up and told her we were going for a surprise. Baskin Robins was the surprise! We met Amy and Audra there for an afternoon treat. Evie and I shared a cup of mint chocolate chip. I am pretty sure that Evie liked it since she was stuffing it in her mouth with her chubby little hands. She was sticky from head to toe. Audra and Amy were so good! We dodged a major storm while we were in the store.

     We came home to get dinner together. I chopped and Evie watched quite intently to see what was going on. We made chicken fajitas for dinner. Evie was so happy to see her Daddy and I mean HAPPY! She ran to him, threw her arms around his neck and squealed with delight. It was so sweet and of course the feeling was mutual.

    We had a fabulous day and I look forward to another exciting day tomorrow.


  1. What a fun summer day. She is so cute in the second picture in her sunglasses. I love to listen in on the conversations that Logan has in his bed before he falls asleep.

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  3. She is stylin' in those shades. Too cute!


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