Monday, June 21, 2010

Pool Day!

Evie and I headed to the rec center bright and early this morning. She did great again while I worked out. Evie is turning over a new leaf with her separation issues and Mommy is too. Her teacher told me that she played with the kitchen again and rolled a ball to another little boy who was in there. She was so happy to see all the balls in there so that should keep entertained as long as she stays on this ball kick. I am so happy that she does well in there because it gives me such a nice break. Before Evie, exercising would have been at the bottom of my list of things to do. Everything changes with a baby. I enjoyed my time reading magazines and catching a few minutes of the news. It was good for both of us! Never, would I have imagined looking forward to going to the gym but I will take any break that I can even if it involves a little sweat.

  We came home and did some laundry. Evie thinks that's really fun. We read a few books and she played with my contact lens case for nearly 20 minutes. That might be something good to entertain her with on a long car ride.

 Evie is still worn out from staying up late with Abby on Saturday so she took a 3.5 hour nap. It was so nice to get a few things done around the house and I finished my book. Nothing too life changing - Shopaholic takes Manhattan - but it sure was entertaining. I just finished I will Carry You so it was time for something a little lighter even though Angie Smith did an amazing job telling the story of her daughter's  life.

    We went to a pool party this afternoon. It was so fun to hang out with some other moms and their kiddos. Evie started off being really interested in the snacks but then she decided that the baby pool was pretty fun. She got on a float with Stephen and they looked so cute. It was a perfect photo opportunity but I did not have my camera at the pool. Evie ran up and down the stairs lots of times and walked around the perimeter of the baby pool as if it was a labyrinth. She was entertained and that's all that really matters. Evie loved seeing the big girls and even tried on one girls shoes.

   We came in time for dinner and a bath. I jumped in the tub with her to save a little time. She thought that was just the funniest thing and let me play with her little boat. Both of us are exhausted so that must mean that we had a really fun day!

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