Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Evie and I had a super lazy day at home. We stayed home until 3:30 cleaning house and playing. It was so nice! The high today was 90 which felt downright balmy after recent temperatures. That's crazy that 90 feels cool.

   Evie and I did a little sorting activity with her bows. We grouped them by color and size then we counted them. It was so funny to see her but she loved counting. Her little head followed each bow from place to place.

   Evie played outside in her little house and threw her baby on the grill - that was a little scary!  She organized her chairs and tried each one out. I thought she looked pretty cute sitting in the miniature chair.

   We left the house to go to the alterations place but we were almost there when I realized that I did not have the clothes with me. Oh well, we will will try again tomorrow! While we were already out, I took Evie to the park. She walked to the park holding my hand like such a big girl and then covered every square inch on the playground. It's so cute to see her interacting with kids she does not even know although she seems to always find someone to play with. She loves the big girls and was happy to be in the circus with a little girl in the tee pee. The big girl said let's pretend this is the big top and you are a ballerina. Evie thought that was so much fun!

    Evie was thrilled to see her Daddy. I think she was worried it'd be another week with just me so she is doing a really good job of greeting Carl when he gets home. They played outside while I fixed spaghetti for dinner. Evie sure loves pasta. She had a great time catching her penne with the little fork and loved how the little fork suctioned to the table. Dinnertime is so entertaining at our house.

   We are looking forward to a few days of nice weather! Evie was wiped out before her head hit the crib. All that fresh air will tire a girl right out.

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  1. Ahhh, I wish some of that balmy 90 degree weather would make it's way here!


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