Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crayons, Wagons, and Babies!

Mama was not happy to come home from the grocery store to find out that Evie had written on the wall with a crayon! Carl left it for me to see. Evie is only supposed to color in while sitting in her highchair or at her table. I guess she got that past her Daddy since she colored on the bathroom wall. It was nothing that a Magic Eraser could not fix. Those things are are AMAZING! I am sure this will not be the last time that Evie writes on the wall.

   Evie loves her new wagon! It's going to entertain her for a long time. We had the Onello's over for dinner tonight. Carl made some delicious ribs and I made a few sides.  I made some guacamole and salsa. My college friend Susan gave me the easiest salsa recipe. Chop a little onion and some cilantro. Dump a can of Rotel and petite cut tomatoes into a bowl. Mix it all up together and it tastes like you have been working all day.

 Abby and Evie had so much fun playing. They even liked sititing in the wagon without us pulling them around which was a lot easier for us! Abby really liked Evie's little playhouse. Evie was able to make it up to see the lightening bugs. She was not as impressed as we had thought she would be.  We had so much fun visiting with Maura and Tim while the girls were playing. Maura is expecting twins in October so Abby is going to be a big sister! It's so fun to see Maura pregnant with these babies since I remember her being pregnant with Abby when we all lived in Charlotte. Abby knows all about babies and loved pushing Evie's stroller. Evie and Abby hugged each other. It was so sweet! Dinner was served outside since the girls love it out there. The girls did great sitting at Evie's little table. It was blazing hot but it was worth it for our girls. We came inside for dessert. I made some whipped cream and the girls licked the beaters. Evie was hanging out on my hip while I made the whipped cream. Of course, she remembered all about the beaters from the other day. We had a fantastic Saturday and hope you did too.

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