Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling a little Crabby!

Evie has gone 10 days in a row without a morning nap but decided this morning that she was really tired at playgroup. It was Christina's birthday so Courtney had cupcakes for everyone. It was Evie's first taste of red velvet and she thought it was pretty tasty. She hit every single child there! One little boy got into a little confrontation with her. We thought it was pretty funny but of course we did not let them know it. We came early for lunch and nap. She went down way before nap time and still slept a little more than three hours. It's hard work being a toddler.

     I had my six month checkup from my surgery so my little shadow went with me to my appointment. I had every trick that has every worked with me but she did great. At first, she was a little nervous because she thought that she was going to the doctor. Once she figured out that it was my turn, she was perfectly content to hang out in her stroller. I got a great report and it was so good to see my doctor. She's expecting a little girl in two months so she was thrilled to see Evie. They are on a first name basis. Dr. W has told me that she loves my stroller for about a year now. She could not remember what type it was so she was going to call me but was able to find it in BRU. It's a Maclaren and it's my favorite piece of baby gear that we purchased.

    It was so hot again today and poor Evie was roasting in the backseat. We are planning to turn her forward after our vacation because it just gets too steamy back there for her. We had a nice afternoon at home playing with all of our balls and picking up our groceries. DO you have a Harris Teeter near you? I am HUGE fan of their Express Lane, meaning you order the groceries online and they have them ready when you get to the store. It's even better this summer because it's only $1.95. That's a steal to not have to lug a 24 pound toddler into the store in the steamy heat, lug everything around and then put it all away. Not to mention it cuts down tremendously on my impulse purchases. Try it, you'll be hooked!

    Carl is en route back to our house from Arizona. There is a huge storm brewing but his plane lands in just a few minutes and we cannot wait to see him. He's had a busy week but was in  a beautiful place. He had a chance to play golf and spend time learning new things. Evie is in bed but I am am excited for him to come home. It's been a long week without Carl. Chicken Parmesan is in the oven and the house is picked up. Can't wait to see my sweet husband!

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  1. Enjoy your evening. None of our grocery stores around here do that but it would be a wonderful service. It would also be great with older kids who want everything they see on the shelves. That 1.95 would pay for itself.


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