Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just another day!

                                       Evie in June of 2009. She sure has changed!

We all woke up feeling really bad but the good news is that I feel much better! Evie seems to be getting worse. Her little nose is like a faucet. Carl is slowly improving. The babysitter told us that Nashville is known for bad air and that it's just allergies. We bought one of those saline kits on our date night. Lindsay told me that it would change my life. Well, we were not so sure but I have even caught Carl using it a few times. It really does make a difference!

   Carl made us all delicious waffles for breakfast. Evie even helped stir the batter to get the lumps out. I gave her a tiny bit of syrup in a bowl and she did what she does with everything that comes in a bowl - she drank it! She did not eat her waffles since she did not have any syrup left.

    She needed a nap this morning but we held out which made her CRANKY!!!!!! I think it's pretty clear that she still needs her morning nap. I went to run a few errands while she napped. Kids change everything because I needed an oil change. Before Evie, I would have dreaded that errand but now it's so pleasant to sit in an air-conditioned room, with plenty of magazines, and enjoy some quiet.

     Nothing too exciting happened today as you have probably already figured out. It was one of those days where we really missed living near our family because we could have used some reinforcements: AKA  grandparents to help keep Evie under control. Let's hope we all feel better tomorrow especially since I'll be on my own.

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