Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Fever!

Evie is doing much better but still running a fever off and on. She took a 4.5 hour nap and was so thirsty when she woke up. I am just glad she is drinking better today although she is still not too interested in eating anything besides goldfish. We were supposed to go to George's birthday party but Evie was not ready for that. We all piled into the car and rode over to the house. I quickly ran the present in and caught a glimpse of the precious birthday boy. He was so happy playing on a riding toy in the backyard. Melissa had everything looking so cute and even gave us some popcorn. Carl was so excited to see me walking towards the car with a carton of popcorn. It was yummy and the perfect treat for a steamy afternoon. We were so disappointed that we could not go to the party. I am sure it was a blast. Let's hope Evie is on the road to recovery. I bought her a doll stroller last night and she is in heaven pushing it around the house with her baby doll inside. It's so cute and she knew just what to do when she saw it this morning. We had a pretty low-key day around the house since Evie is under the weather but it was nice to be home with our sweet girl. Carl worked in the yard most of the day. He made me so nervous as he precariously dangled off the ladder to trim the shrubbery. He's finished and the yard looks great but I voted to hire someone to do this next time. It's not worth a broken leg. I was able to get some reading done while I kept an ear out for Evie. Carl is putting Evie to bed and we are about to prepare some Shrimp and Grits for dinner. YUMMY! Hope ya'll are having a good Saturday.

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