Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the dads in our life: Daddy, Ipop and Poppy. We love you so much and appreciate everything you do for us.  Dads always bring fun and a little surprise to family life. You just never know what a Dad might have up his sleeve. Moms are the ones that have to worry about everything. When I was a little girl and went to Camp Thunderbird twice a year with my Dad as an Indian Princess.  Our dads had two rules: have fun and don't get hurt. They'd make this huge deal of reviewing the rules with us as a joke. We'd have to repeat the rules back to the dads. Can you imagine how many rules the moms would have? It was always fun to eat lots of junk food, stay up late and see this big scary bear at talent night. Carl and I feel so fortunate to have both grown up with two parents because moms and dads bring such different elements to the family. Carl is such a wonderful Daddy and I know it's because he had such a good example growing up with his Dad.  He remembers his Dad patiently teaching him to fly a kite in Charleston. Carl is so sweet with Evie and could not love her anymore if he tried.  He is so gentle and thoughtful always telling her she's beautiful and making her laugh by being silly while enjoying each special moment with her. It's so amazing to see our own relationship with Evie grow as it gives us a glimpse of how much our parents love us!

   We had a wonderful day. It was our first time celebrating Father's Day in Tennessee so we both missed being near our Dads. Evie gave her Daddy a new weather radio since she broke his and a barbecue sauce of the month membership. I am not kidding. He loves barbecue sauce so he was thrilled!

    It's so hot that we can barely breathe. We have been outside a few times for short spurts but it's just unbearable out there. Evie does not seem to mind so we let her play in her house, swing in her swing and take a ride in the wagon. Our grass is as crispy as a piece of fried chicken. We need rain and some cooler temperatures so air-conditioning can take a break. We checked out the new gelato spot this afternoon. It was so yummy! Carl had Double Oreo and I had Almond Joy. Evie had both. She loved the tiny spoons. A cold treat is perfect on a day like today.

    Happy Father's Day to everyone!!!

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  1. It's so sweet how Carl looks at Evie! You can tell he just adores her :)


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