Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eating Out with Evie!

It's another hot one in Middle Tennessee. Evie and I went outside quickly this morning for a wagon ride. I took her down to the end of the culdesac and then called it a day. Then, we went on the back patio for a few minutes and sat under the umbrella. Evie collected her balls and played in her house. We met Carol and Cassidy and Amanda and Logan at Chuy's for lunch. Carol and Cassidy are moving to Texas for two months so we wanted a chance to say good-bye. Our kiddos did great at lunch but it's such a kid friendly place to go. Evie had her own little kids cup which she promptly dropped to the floor and sprayed water everywhere. Apparently, they are not made to hold up since one little tumble to the ground was all it took to destroy the cup. We had a nice lunch and got a cute shot of the kids.

  Evie was not interested in napping this afternoon. It took her forever to get to sleep and then she woke up a little cranky. We met Kristin and Jacob at Chick fil A for Kid's Night. We got there at 5:00 so it was easy to snag a few highchairs. Evie exhausted me during dinner. She was was more interested in the top to her little bottle of milk than anything else. It was really great when she had a little tantrum during dinner too. Luckily, the balloon guy and the cow kept her pretty entertained along with a cup of ice cream. Kristin and I had a good visit although quite chaotic. That's just the way it is now, since we spend our days kid wrangling.

   Evie is already asleep since she had a busy day. I am about to go organize a few drawers. It's amazing how quickly things get out of hand.

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