Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star Sighting!

Evie slept until 9:00 this morning! It was fabulous. She had wet her bed though probably since she was in the same diaper for almost 15 hours. Everything was wet so that was our morning project getting everything back together. I had already dressed for the gym before Evie woke up but we barely had enough time to get out the door to Gymboree.

    We had a nice little class today and guess who was there . . .  Evie Bentley! Her Daddy is Dierks Bentley. Her Mommy, Cassidy, is super nice and we chatted about our Evie's. Her Evie is Evelyn Day and my Evie is Evelyn Claire. We discussed how we both wanted one syllable middle names. Her Evie was so cute! I noticed how neither Evie seemed one bit concerned that they both had the same name and did not even look over when the other mom said Evie.

   I was not sure how nap time was going to go since we had such a late wake up but Evie still went down for three hours. It feels like I hardly saw her today but I got so much done around the house! My daily to-do list was complete for the first time in about 17 months.

   After nap, we played and organized her bookshelf, not sure why I even bother since the books come cascading down to the floor within minutes of being up. We headed out to run a few errands. Evie saw her friend George at Target. We went to the Target with the red balls out front so Evie was thrilled to see them. George likes the red balls too. Although, his mommy is an architect and knows the correct terminology for the red structures that keep the crazies out.

     Too bad I cannot sew at all because it would be quite the lucrative endeavour to open an alteration shop in the area.  I took four things to the shop that a friend had suggested: Evie's outfit that needed new button holes, a dress that needed the hem let out, a dress that needed darts and a pair of shorts that needed to be taken in a touch. Imagine my surprise, when the bill came to $87! Even Evie's jaw dropped to the floor. We were shocked. I asked her to recalculate but unfortunately it was for the correct amount. Sewing lessons must find a place in my immediate future. My grandmother was a home economics teacher so surely there is some genetic link to that type of thing.

     Carl took advantage of the cooler temperatures to mow our lawn. Evie convinced me to take her on a wagon ride by pursing her blue lips stained with Popsicle then she watched her Daddy mow while she ate her dinner. We had leftovers for dinner but sat outside to enjoy the cool breeze. That's my kind of night, hope you had a good one too!


  1. I can't believe $87 dollars for alterations. So exciting that you had a star sighting today. I saw him in concert a few years ago and he was very good.

  2. OMG - I am totally in love with Dierks Bentley! Do he and his wife seem happy? Is she cuter than me? ;)

    I am seriously contemplating bringing back DC Prep. Stay tuned!


  3. Alterations ARE so expensive. I just took a few dresses recently and could have bought a designer dress for the price I paid to have them hemmed and taken in. Oh, well, the way I look at it is that I now have four dresses that fit instead of one new one. ;)

    Awesome that Evie slept so late!


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