Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Evie slept until 8 which helps me so much! Carl misses seeing Evie in the mornings before work but the later wake up time works just fine for me. Next week may be a whole new ballgame. It has been the most beautiful day. Evie and I enjoyed most of it outside since it will surely be blazing hot again soon. We had a MOMS club meeting this morning. Evie was so funny showing off by walking up the front steps holding on to the rail. Usually, she holds my hand but she just made her way up all by herself. Evie loves checking out the food and had her eye on the little munchkins this morning. She had several but chocolate was her favorite. Evie liked playing with all the kids. She is so amusing because she goes off to play for a bit then comes back to sit in my lap then she'll give me a kiss before running off again. Those hugs and kisses are pretty special so I will take any that come my way.

  Wagon rides, swinging and snacking at the little table occupied our afternoon. On the way down the to the end of the culdesac, Evie decided it'd be more fun to pull the wagon but it's too heavy for her. She climbed on top of the coffee table quicker than I could get to her. It's amazing how fast she is these days!

   We took a walk to the park this evening with Carl. Evie passes the time drinking her water, pointing out airplanes and talking to herself. It's almost the weekend!

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  1. Aubrey is almost 22 months old. We turned her forward facing in her carseat at 18 months. It did make car rides more entertaining, and it's fun to be able to see her face! I don't know if Evie talks a lot already, but Aubrey's talking exploded when she turned 18 months. She went from saying several words to saying more words than we can count and being able to communicate with us so well. It's so fun!!


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