Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Friends in the Sand!

Carl headed into work for a little bit this morning so Evie and I had to hit the beach by ourselves. Let me tell you, it's a lot harder to get everything out there when it's just me. Not to mention sunscreen duty. Carl has taken care of that this week and he is way better at it than me. Evie and I had a nice time on the beach until she ran into a man who happened to have a bathing suit the same color as her Daddy. She just knew that was her Daddy and was so sad when he kept running down the beach. Our beach time was cut a bit short after that plus the waves were really rough. We went to the pool which is Evie's new favorite word. She is just positive that she can swim without the float and does not want to be restricted by anyone in the water.

   Evie napped and woke up in a really bad mood. Carl had night terrors when he was a kid and he thinks Evie has them too. I hope not but it's looking that way since she wakes up occasionally from her naps totally inconsolable which lasts for about 15 minutes. Nothing makes her feel better but eventually she perks right back to her sweet, happy self.

     We made one last trip to the beach. The waves were super strong again so we were trying to decide what to do. Carl says holding Evie in the ocean is like holding a greased watermelon since she is so lubed up with slick sunscreen. Right when we were about to go in, a little boy about two came over to see Evie. He was so sweet. Evie and Ethan played for the longest time. We chatted with his Mom who happens to be from South Carolina. It was so funny to watch them play. Evie showed off and just loved having a little playmate. I think she has missed her friends this week. They hugged a lot, chased each other and played in the sand. Ashleigh said it was their first summer romance. We enjoyed a little break from taking Evie in and out of the ocean. That is a workout, in and out and up and down the beach we went with our 25 pound baby girl.

   We came in for dinner and to get Evie cleaned up for bed. She was so tired but that makes her extra cuddly. I loved sitting next to her on the couch while she patted my leg. Evie is 18 month's old today! I will write her 18 month post when we get back to Nashville. Evie and I had a little photo shoot this morning on the beach and I am hoping that there are some great shots. We leave in the morning for Atlanta to stay with our neighbors from Charlotte and their new baby boy. Alicia and Mike moved to Atlanta around the time that we moved to Nashville so it will be so much fun to catch up and meet their little bundle of joy!

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