Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Evie slept until 8 this morning which gave me a head start on the day meaning that I had time to eat breakfast, read the paper and unload the dishwasher without her. I made smoothies for breakfast along with cheese toast. Evie thought it was so delicious. I had never made a smoothie for her but it was a big hit so it will be a regular menu item. Evie was quite interested in the washing machine this morning and wanted to know what in the world was going on inside that white box. It kept her occupied. Not sure what sparked this sudden interest since it's the same washing machine we have had since before she was born. The washing machine that works way harder now than it did before Evie was born.

   We went to Whole Food's to see The Zinghopper's. Evie had a ball listening to the music, clapping her hands and checking out everyone's snacks. She was quite interested in Jacob's snack so they basically switched which worked for me. Kristin said Evie is like a little puppy because she was really trying to get her hands on that Nutrigrain bar. It was so funny! We ran into Leslie and Keegan so it was nice to catch up for a few minutes. It's been a long time since we have seen them.

    Toys R Us is next door to Whole Foods so we walked over to look for a new booster seat for Evie. I am D.O.N.E. with cleaning a wooden highchair three times a day. They may look pretty but they are a real pain to keep even somewhat clean. Evie kept a close eye on Jacob's cart and was sad when he had to leave to go eat lunch. I got Evie a few small things for our trip to keep her occupied on our ten hour car ride to Florida.

    Evie napped and I prepared tags for the consignment sale. Goodness, it's a lot of work! Evie worked as my assistant after her nap basically rearranging all of my piles. She found her old shoes and wanted to wear them. I tried telling her that they did not fit anymore and we were going to let someone wear them. Not sure why I bothered with the explanation. Guess who ended up with the shoes on her feet!

   Carl got home while Evie was throwing eating dinner. I was trying to be clever and made Evie watermelon balls using the melon baller. Not such a good idea since she hears the word "balls" and proceeds to throw everything onto the floor.  She charmed him with her infectious smile and they were off being silly together while I tagged some more. Stinky girl needed a bath so Carl got her smelling sweet and then put her to bed. I whipped up an easy dinner and watched a little of the World Cup with Carl but it's time to get back to tagging.

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