Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach Time!

We finally made it to the beach! On our way, we stopped in St. Augustine for lunch and to check out their cute little town. Several years ago, we took a day trip into St. Augustine but we did not have Evie. It was fun to see Evie experience this herself. She loved going out to lunch and devoured her grilled cheese along with some pineapple. It was so hot that we skipped the milk and went for pink lemonade. Evie thought that was just fabulous! We took Evie to see the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in America and checked out a few shops.

   Then, we headed up the road to Ormond Beach and Evie snoozed for a few minutes. Turning her around really changed everything! We hit the Publix to get a few necessities. Evie was not happy to be in there after the LONG car trip so it was a quick trip. Let's just make a long story short and say that we finally got here!

    We took Evie on the beach and she seems to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the beach. She's not so sure about sandy feet and hands. It was nice having her just sit on my lap to take it all in but she loved the pool. She was exhausted without her nap and we thought she'd go right to bed. HA! That did not happen. She finally fell asleep after I made many trips into her room. Carl can see her molars coming in so it looks like she decided to grow a few teeth while on vacation.

    She slept all night and then woke up around 8. We packed up everything but the kitchen sink and headed to the beach. Evie was so excited and knew that after her bathing suit was on that she was headed to the beach. She even tried to climb into her stroller. We walked down to the beach and Evie tried to escape from the beach. She was determined to go back to the condo but this passed quickly. Soon, she was frolicking in the waves and playing in the sand. Evie had a blast. Grandparents, you will be thrilled to hear that she does not eat sand this year! She is exhausted from our adventures so far and I am headed to the pool while Carl watches the World Cup.  Someone told me that Carl and I were not going on vacation; instead we were taking Evie to the beach. We could not have said it better ourselves. It's so fun to see Evie having such a good time!

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  1. Oh, I love St. Augustine. Such a fun little time. I hope you have a great vacation at the beach! I'm counting down the days until our trip!!


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