Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We took a little trip down to Ponce Inlet this morning to see the baby turtles. It was so interesting to see the turtles and learn about taking care of the injured ones. They had a little turtle ICU at the Marine Center. We even saw a turtle on the road while we were there.

   We stopped at Peach Valley Cafe for lunch. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Carl's co-worker owns the condo we are staying in this week and his wife told me about this restaurant. It was so good we plan to go back for breakfast on Saturday on our way out of town. I had a turkey, bacon wrap with scallions, cranberry sauce and chipolte dressing. It may sound weird but it was so good! The restaurant reminded me of The Mustard Seed in Charleston except they are not open for dinner. Everything is made fresh there and it's such a cute little place.

    Evie napped and we just hung out in the condo. Nothing too exciting until Evie woke up. She woke up ready to hit the beach so we took her down for some fun in the sun. It was low tide again and she just had a ball. We love watching her play on the beach. Carl and Evie built all kinds of elaborate sand structures and suggested that they collect a tax from the children playing nearby to get them some water for their river. Not sure what that was all about but they were doing some serious playing! Evie thinks the ocean is so much fun and wants to be in the water constantly. We take her in the ocean and then come out and she runs right to the water to head back into the waves. She has no fear of the waves or the water at all!

    We went to the pool and Evie made a few new friends. Rachel and Ryan. They were from Georgia and were in elementary school. She is still fascinated by big kids and thought it was so cool to see them swimming around her while she was tucked safely in her float.

    Evie has grown three new teeth this week! She's finally beginning to catch up to her friends now that she has 11 teeth. Bedtime was super easy tonight since Evie wore herself out on the beach this afternoon. Carl cooked our filet's and they were so yummy. Our mac and cheese from Noah's Market was fabulous too. Anything with cheese, pasta and cream is pretty much guaranteed to be divine. We had some green beans and fresh Italian bread too. It was so nice eating dinner while looking out at the ocean. We had another fantastic day!

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  1. That looks like so much fun. Evie is ADORABLE! I just love those sweet little piggie tails. So glad you all had a nice vacation!


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