Thursday, July 8, 2010


Evie woke up quite early this morning while Carl was getting ready. She was so cranky so I put her down for a short morning nap and she was a little better after catching a few more winks. Evie and I headed to Christina's house for a playdate. She has twin boys, Aidan and Ethan. Evie really likes to hit them but gets really upset when they hit her. Evie was eating her snack while sitting next to Aidan and he wanted to hold her hand. Snack time is not the best time to approach a girl about holding her hand and Evie let him know it. He probably will not be holding her hand anytime soon. They were so cute together! I enjoyed the blueberry bread - delicious!

   Evie and I came home and played around the house a little before naptime. After nap, we headed out for a few errands. Evie had a great time in Target - peeking around me to see the person and laughing to get their attention. She was in a really good mood and wanted to interact with some people. Of course, her efforts were rewarded with attention from random people in Target.

    We checked out a gift store and found a whole table of Raffi's so I bought an extra one so now there's three of them floating around the house. Evie does not care which one she gets and sometimes she carries all of them around. We were getting ready for bed tonight and she was looking at a picture of her Daddy, Raffi and herself which made her need her Raffi that very moment. I think Raffi will be one of her next words because she is getting closer every day.

   I am almost done with my tagging and am pretty close to being finished packing for our trip. There's always so much to do. I keep wondering when things will slow down but I have come to the conclusion that this is our new normal!


  1. Too funny! I don't like anyone to hold my hand while I'm eating, either! Don't come between me and my food...

  2. Aubrey has been waking up really early too, and she gets cranky mid morning. I never know if I should put her down in the morning or try to stick to her normal schedule. :/


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