Monday, July 26, 2010

Some kind of Wonderful!

Evie is some kind of wonderful these days. She always has been wonderful but it keeps getting better. She is learning so much and growing so fast.

  We had a few friends over this morning for a playdate. Evie is obsessed with scones and did understand waiting for our friends before eating them. We will work on that later but today we shared a scone on the kitchen floor. There's no one better to share my scone with than my sweet Evie. We had a fun, productive playdate planning out activities for the next few months for our MOMS club. It makes me feel like my brain is still in there somewhere.

  After nap, Evie and I headed to the post office, the jewelry store and the library. She loved the machine that the stamps come out of and tried inserting the receipt to get more stamps. Too bad it does not work that way. Then, we headed to a local jewelry shop with our door knocker that still proclaims that the previous owners live in our house. We have tried buying a new one but they are all 1/4 inch too small and the holes are already there so it looks like he can resurface it for us and put Niemeyer on there which makes so much more sense with we have been the occupants for the last eight months. It never bothered me until we had our shutters and door painted. A fresh start seems appropriate. Our last stop was the library. Evie loves the owl in the tree that hoots at her as she walks through the tunnel in the children's area. She also loves the train table and reading stacks of books on the comfy couch. Evie is a reader just like her Mama. I hope it lasts.

     Evie was so happy to see her Daddy. He took her for a wagon ride while I made some spaghetti. Now, she just hopped on my lap fresh and sweet from her bath. There's nothing better than a clean baby.


  1. Oh heavens those pigtails are killing me! I am a sucker for little girls in pigtails.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful response to my recent post about DR. Ice cream is a great idea to try!! I will try anything at this point!

    So glad you liked the peach tea/gingerale combo! I wish I had a cute name for deserves one. :)

    Have a great week!


  2. She is adorable! Too cute. Yes, the fern in the bathroom is real. It is a shade loving fern and their is plenty of "shade" in there so I'm hoping it survives. Haha


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