Thursday, July 15, 2010

High Tides and Jack Snack!

We had another fun day. Too bad these beach days are coming to an end so quickly. Evie discovered that she likes to swim in the ocean while we hold her little hands. She loves the ocean! She also likes to carry her babydoll around the house in the beach basket. It's so cute to see her head to the door with her sandbucket, ready to hit the beach. These four hour afternoon naps are awesome! I read an entire book while she napped the afternoon away.

  We went to a fun restaurant on the beach for dinner - High Tides: Jack Snack in Flagler Beach. It was an open air restaurant on the beach with lots of Buffet playing in the background. We had a great time and Evie loved her view during dinner. I was really surprised they even had high chairs - it was that kinda place but they had the clip on kind which made Evie practically leap into her seat. She was so excited to try it out. I had the best crab cake sandwich that I have had in years and Carl had chicken tacos. Apparently, they are known for those. We were there in the middle of a huge downpour which made it even more fun. Lots of families were in there and all the kids mesmerized Evie. She did manage a few bites of onion rings and hush puppies. We drove around after dinner on the scenic highways and saw lots of beautiful places.

 Sorry there are no pictures, I used the good camera today and they will not load on this computer. I will post lots of pictures when we get back to Tennessee.

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