Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blazing Heat!

Evie did not sleep late this morning! We were totally counting on it but she must not have received the message. Carl had to go into work unexpectedly this morning so Evie and I did a few things around the house.He got back in time for lunch and Evie was so exhausted that she had an early nap.

   I ran a few errands - it's amazing how much easier errands are without Evie! It was so hot that we headed outside to Evie's little pool for a quick dip. She had a blast playing outside and did not seem one bit bothered by the blazing sun. Summer is my favorite season but this heat is pretty hard to handle. Makes me reconsider my feelings on calling Nashville the frozen tundra all winter but I'd still rather be hot than cold.

   We had a great day with Evie. I think this is my favorite age because she is just so fun.  Carl grilled burgers for dinner and we put Evie to bed early. It's time to relax a little before another busy week. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

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