Friday, July 9, 2010

We made it . . . sorta!

It's been a really long day! We left Nashville at 12:30 and just got to Valdosta, Georgia. Slightly reminiscent of our excessively long trip to Atlanta two weeks ago. Carl thought it would be fun to turn Evie forward for the trip. Evie did think it was really fun! However, it did not work out so well because our little traveler wanted to be entertained the entire trip. She slept for less than an hour the entire trip. My arm has rug burn from passing her toys for the last 9 hours.

 Our plan was to make it to Macon and then spend the night. Well, apparently there are no Hilton hotels that offer suites between Macon and Valdosta. We were on the phone with Hilton and they told us to come on down the road to Valdosta. That sounded fine but it took a really long time due to road construction and Evie was D.O.N.E long before we arrived. We went through every trick in my bag: tape measures, straws, her flute, jelly beans and every Gerber snack under the sun. Nothing worked. She did not scream the entire time just enough to drive us CRAZY.

   We were so happy to get our beautiful Hampton Inn and Suites. It felt so good to walk into the inviting lobby, be greeted by the lovely receptionist named Christina as we headed up to our room Carl said he bet it was only one room. Guess What: Carl was right! We just drove an extra 140 miles for the same type of hotel that we passed at least two hundred times along the way. I was not happy to say the least especially since my princess does not sleep that well in our room. She was so tired that we put her in the bathroom in a pack and play and she went right to sleep. Of course, I put a call into Hilton to let them know about their error - it has been referred to their customer service team. Carl think they just throw in that word "suites" to make it sound better when really it's just a hotel full of single rooms. At least, he can still make me laugh after this crazy day.

      At least, it's only a short hop, skip and a jump (approximately 200 miles) to our final destination! That's good news - we need a vacation after this fun-filled adventure getting to the beach. I'll post pictures of Evie looking precious facing forward as soon as I can. Blogger is having some issues or maybe it's me. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Glad you made it to your first stop. Sorry it was a bad first leg of the trip. Hopefully the rest of the trip goes smoother.

  2. I have been missing you guys! I have been on a blogging hiadas. Moving will do that to you! Evie is growing so much but is as beautiful as ever!

  3. Ughh, how frustrating! The same thing happened to us the last time we traveled with Aubrey. We were told we were getting a "suite" but it ended up being one room. Needless to say, Aubrey ended up in our bed :/

    Also, as much as Aubrey LOVED it when we turned her forward facing, I feel like she did get a bit more high-maintenance in the car. I hope you have a relaxing trip from here on out! :)


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