Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peanut Butter and Playmates

Evie tried peanut butter this morning. I think we were way more excited about than she was but she did eat it. She had a Ritz with peanut butter and then a little sandwich for lunch. Thank goodness, she is not allergic so I can cross that off my list of worries.  Teaching school made me apprehensive about giving her peanut butter because it's such a highly allergenic food.

   We took a family trip to Home Depot this morning to get a few things. Some of our stuff did not work so I guess we will be going back tomorrow.

   We headed to Murfreesboro to see our sweet friend Maura and Tim. It was so much fun! They got some delicious Mexican food and served a fabulous berry pie. Evie and Abby played so well together although Evie smothered her with kisses. At least, she's not hitting but she sure likes to kiss! They played in the pool and then had fun walking up and down the stairs which proved to be quite entertaining for the two of them. Abby and Evie play so well together that'd it be nicer to live closer to each other. Maura and I said that each girl could take on of the twins and we'd be all set. Evie was tired and stayed up way past her bedtime. She's sound asleep now so maybe she will sleep late in the morning.

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  1. those girls are tooo cute holding hands :)


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