Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bag Lady

Evie likes all things B these days: balls, broccoli, balloons, babies, baths, bubbles and BAGS! She is infatuated with carrying around her shopping bag and fills it up with random things from throughout the house. It keeps her busy and quiet so I am all for it. She found a few accessories to wear while shopping courtesy of the laundry that had not been folded. My swim cover up became a scarf, her feet were shoved into her tiny shoes and her hat worked nicely to tie everything together

   We had a playdate at Christina's house this morning. It was so much fun. She always has the best playdates. Evie dropped her entire bowl of cereal on the floor this morning before we left so her breakfast was a fruit smoothie. She must have been hungry because she ate four mini-muffins and some fruit salad at the playdate. Evie did great playing with everyone and I had fun chatting with the moms. We had a new mom there today, Sara, with  her precious 6 month old named Joshua. He was born 367 days after Evie and he is already close to her weight. What a big boy! Evie really liked him and I really liked his Mama.

    Naptime was a huge success after our busy morning and then we had to run a few errands. Carl was swamped at work and got home in time to play with Evie for a few minutes before bed. All day long, Evie has been searching for her "Da Da." She must have said "Da Da" over 100 times today so I was happy to see her "Da Da" too. There was a young couple looking at the home across the street and Evie banged on the window while shouting "Da Da" because she was just positive that was Carl. It was really cute today but will definitely become tiresome if this continues.

   Carl and I had a great night grilling, hanging out in the hammock and chatting about our busy days. Hope you had a terrific Thursday.

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