Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tidal Pool

Evie is loving her vacation at the beach. She likes to go out in the ocean and feel the waves. It makes me a little nervous but she holds on tight. She points her little finger to go out deeper into the ocean. We spent most of the morning on the beach before heading to the pool.

   We were the only ones at the pool which was so nice! Evie had plenty of room to hang out in her float. We met a lady on the beach yesterday who has a granddaughter that is one month younger than Evie. Today, we met her granddaughter and she was so cute. It turns out that they are from Tennessee too so we enjoyed chatting about our travels. The little girl was so sad when Evie had to go inside for lunch. She stood at the gate and waved bye for the longest time. Hopefully, we will see them again tomorrow.

    Evie was wiped out and slept for nearly four hours. She usually sleeps for three hours at home but she is getting to bed a little later here so naptime is her time to catch a few extra winks. I fell asleep on the couch while she was sleeping. Vacation wears the Mama out!

       We headed out to the grocery store and found a really fabulous store owned by a local family. It was wonderful - rows and rows of fresh foods, delicious salads, big cuts of meat, tray after tray of bakery items and a plethora of beverages. They even had Tate's cookies shipped in from the Hampton's. We spent a long time making our selection. Carl chose Shepherd's Pie for dinner and I chose filet mignon. We had the Shepherd's Pie tonight. It was pretty good and a lot easier than going out to eat with Evie since she'd rather be on the beach. Evie chose some jelly beans since she was fresh out from the trip down. Those tiny little pieces of candy work wonders with Evie so it's always good to keep a supply on hand for emergency purposes. Cotton Candy seems to be her favorite flavor but her Daddy prefers tangerine.

    We went back to the beach this afternoon and had so much  fun since it was low tide. Evie loved the tidal pools with the schools of fish and the shells lingering in the orange sand. She ran up and down the beach jumping into the water, exploring the texture of the sand with her little toes. We took some hummus and chips down to the beach and watched Evie play. Carl is like a big kid building canals and dams along the beach. We loved being out there in the late afternoon and hope to get out there again tomorrow.


  1. I love to be on the beach in the late afternoon, after most everyone has gone in for dinner. I can't wait for our beach trip in a few weeks!

    Evie looks so cute in her bathing suits, and I love the pigtails. :)

  2. Look at those curls! Love them!


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