Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jumping for Joy

Man, is it hot outside. We went for a long walk this morning before the heat got too bad but it was still pretty bad. Evie was sweating while sitting in the stroller. Evie and I went to escape the heat at Pump it Up with our MOMS group. It was our third or fourth time going and Evie has never been much of a fan until today. She really enjoyed jumping and watching the big kids jump! We had a great time and burned off lots of energy. Pizza was served for lunch and sugar cookies with sprinkles so someone was very happy. She's eating a lot better today. I gave her some muffins for snack this morning that were quickly gobbled up and then she banged her hand on the table to let me know that she needed more. Manners are important but all I needed was some banging today to get some food in her little belly.

  Evie had her first visit to the carwash. She was quite impressed but we were both so over it by the time the car was finally done. It was a LONG process but they gave me a coupon for a free wash which made up for the long wait.

  She's napping now and woke up a few minutes ago. I was able to get her back to sleep which almost never happens. Once she's up, there's no going back to sleep for Miss Evie so that was a really nice surprise. Poor thing is worn out from jumping all morning. Mommy is worn out too.

   Do you shop Harris Teeter? They have special deal this summer where you order your groceries online and they load them in your car in the pickup line all for only $1.95. Talk about convenient. Usually, it's $4.85 which still is not bad considering using this service will save you a lot because you do not mindlessly throw things in the cart just because it's on sale.

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