Friday, July 2, 2010

Tigers and Tea Parties

Evie is beginning to get in a pattern of sleeping late and I am enjoying every minute since it may not last for long. We met another Mommy and her two boys at the zoo this morning. It was the perfect day for the zoo with temperatures in the 70's. Evie really got into checking out the animals and loved the tigers. They were quite playful this morning frolicking in their habitats.  Of course, I had to point out the cougar again since that is the mascot for College of Charleston. Evie thought he was pretty interesting and gazed at him lounging on the bridge.  I had never taken Evie to the zoo by myself and was a little nervous about keeping her contained in her stroller which has been a problem with previous zoo visits. She did great and was perfectly happy hanging out in her stroller checking out the scenery. Cooler weather brings the animals out and we were able to get much closer than  ever before.

  Evie was exhausted from her morning and went to sleep while I tried to sort out the destruction she had created while her lunch was being prepared. Evie was so happy to ave a tea party with me after her nap. My espresso cups were sitting out that I had planned to put in a consignment sale but Evie had much grander plans for the little cups. She rocked the cups, stacked the cups and played tea party with the cups. It looks like these cups will not be going anywhere. Evie moved her dolls in and out of the chairs while serving them tea. Little girls sure are fun!

   We went outside to soak up every minute of this beautiful weather. Our walk was so much fun last night that we decided to repeat it this evening. Evie loves walks and it's good exercise for us. All of this activity, made for a very hungry Evie. She must be in a growth spurt because she is putting away some food these days.  Broccoli and yogurt are her two favorite foods along with an occasional sweet treat. Evie was bathed, books read and asleep by 7. Carl and I enjoyed our pizza night and now it's time for a movie. Happy Friday to everyone.


  1. Cute pictures. Glad your zoo trip was a success. It sounds like you are enjoying the summer together. I love the cooler weather but it sounds like we are going to start heating back up. Happy 4th of July!

  2. could she be any cutter!!! Wow she is stunning :)


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