Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Letter Day!

Evie woke up bright and early this morning. I refuse to begin our day before 7:00 so Evie is perfectly content to hang out in her crib. We are so lucky that she is able to occupy herself while we acclimate to the morning. I peeked at the monitor and saw her working on the zipper of her pajamas. She was being especially quiet so I looked again a few minutes later. Miss Priss had managed to unzip the zipper and had her pajama's down around her bellybutton. She was was happily inspecting her bellybutton. I did a few things around the house and the next time I checked on Evie there were no pajama's on her or even in the crib. Evie was so happy! I grabbed the camera and was able to catch this shot of my sweet girl!

Evie got some new clothes on and they are still on her body the last time that I checked and we headed downstairs for breakfast. It was time for a long walk to the park before it got too hot.

    Evie had her 18 month check up this morning. Our usual pediatrician is out of town for several weeks so we had to see another provider. Evie loved her and even tried to sit on her lap. She did not love the nurse and was not happy at all to be weighed. Perhaps she knew that the scales might show all those extra treats from vacation last week. Evie weighs about 24 pounds which puts her in the 50% and she is close to 33 inches long which puts her in the 90%. Not sure about her head measurements since that does not matter too much to me since her head seems to be working just fine. Evie was so nervous during the initial exam with the nurse that she called her Aunt Lindsay on the phone. We thought that was so funny! Dr. K was impressed with Evie's vocabulary and ability to spot balls from a mile away. Evie showed Dr. K a ball on her diploma from Medical School. Apparently, Evie is the first one to ever identify the seal as a ball.  Dr. K told me that Evie was quite the busy bee as she sorted books and toys while we chatted about Evie's growth and development. We got a super report! I am going to give Evie peanut butter this weekend which thrills Carl because he has been waiting patiently to eat boiled peanuts with Evie for a long time.  Evie did fine during her shot but did not like the Barbie Band aid at all. She plucked it right off and threw it on the ground so the nurse gave her a flesh colored one that coordinated better with her outfit. Too bad Carl had to miss all the excitement but he was at the doctor getting his foot checked out. It's been bothering him for over a week. He's out getting an x-ray s hopefully he can begin to get some relief.

   Evie is sound asleep after our busy morning! Kristin and I are going out for pedicures and dinner tonight so it's time for me to get busy around the house.


  1. Enjoy your pedicure. I hope Carl's foot is feeling better. I have had foot problems and they are no fun.

  2. I've heard that it's always a fun time when they can start taking off they're own clothes...let's hope she leaves her diaper on for you!

    It's so reassuring to get a good report from the pediatrician. Even though you know everything is perfect, it's still nice to hear! :)

  3. Hey Jennifer! I've visited your blog a few times before too! Evie is an absolute doll- she is so precious!! We actually used to live in Brentwood and then in the Bellevue area. We loved it - but as usual, you don't realize how much you love something until you're without it! It's such a hard decision to weigh - being in a city that you love, or being close to your family. Maybe we'll move back some day. :) Anyway, nice to "meet" you.... keep in touch!


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