Wednesday, June 16, 2010

China Girl!

I had such a great MNO last night. It was so nice to have a delicious dinner and fun with friends.We had a good group with new and old faces.  Stacey and I had fun talking about our blogs trying to convince some of the others to start their own blog. She is so sweet and fun! I am so impressed because they take their cute kids everywhere even Hawaii. Evie woke up at 6 with a dirty diaper and went back to sleep until 8:20. Too bad Mommy could not get back to sleep. We headed to the mall this morning. It was so hot even inside the mall. Something was wrong with the air so there went our plan to walk at the mall. We had some Chick fil A for breakfast, did a little shopping and Evie had a haircut. I was totally prepared for her to have a HUGE meltdown like the last time. It was so refreshing to sit there with Evie on my lap while she admired herself in the mirror. Shelly did a great job with Evie! I am not totally sure that she cut much hair but at least she freshened it up a little.

    Next, we headed to Gymboree for our class. It was just us and the two Jacob's in class today so it was like our private lesson. Evie loved the tube and thought it was really fun to drop balls down inside. Jacob brought his Nana to class and she loved seeing the kiddos. Summer must be a slow time since our class was so small.

    Evie was wiped out as usual. I made a baked ziti to take to a friend while she napped. That's an easy way for me to help someone out since I like to do it and am cooking dinner for my family anyway. Julie just moved into her new house. She's moved a lot and we know all about that so I decided to try to treat her to a home cooked meal. Evie was so excited to see Paige. Remember last week, Paige said that Evie was her best friend. Well, they sure act like it. Evie was up the stairs with Paige in a flash playing with all kinds of big girl stuff. It was time for us to go and I asked Evie where her shoes were thinking nothing of it since Evie loves to take her shoes off and on all day long! Well, Paige had hidden Evie's shoes so we would stay longer. How sweet is that! Julie told Paige that they'd host a baby playdate soon and Paige could help with the babies. Paige wanted to have a playdate just with Evie so we will have to try to do that soon. They have a beautiful new home and I hope they can stay put for a long time!

   A few weeks back, I won a giveaway on Kim's blog: Everyday Adventures in Faith. I NEVER win things so I was so excited. Kim's blog is one of my favorites and I am not even sure how I found it. She is from Nashville and moved to Hong Kong about a year ago. Her blog is all about her fabulous life living in Hong Kong with five gorgeous children. You should check it out - prepare to be inspired. She is an amazing person! Anyway, she sent me my fun prize package. Evie and I had so much fun opening it. Kim sent beautiful chopsticks, a pretty pink bag, a fun journal, a new CD with fabulous Christinan music and best of all a little dress for Evie. Thank you so much Kim! You made our day. Doesn't Evie look precious in her dress! I will try to get some better pictures of my Chinese princess. She was ready for bed but delayed bedtime for a little fashion shoot.


  1. I am SO glad your package arrived!
    And oh my ... Evie looks precious in her dress!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. What a wonderful package. The dress is beautiful.


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