Thursday, June 3, 2010

Evie's Ears!

Evie has been feeling a bit under the weather today and has had a fever most of the day. She woke up and then went back to bed within an hour of waking up. Then, she slept for awhile and woke up. She was so pitiful. I gave her a bit of generic fever reducer and tried to feed her a little snack. She was not interested in eating. We sat in the big chair and read books together.  Finally, she had a little ginger ale and a few mandarin oranges. I knew she was not feeling well because she wanted to be held constantly. She also stayed put in the chair while I got her drink. I could tell she was tired again so I put her down and she slept for over four hours.I went to wake her and she was burning up. Her temperature was 102 so I got her some juice while  I called our pediatrician's office, they told me to bring her into the office. Our doctor was gone so we saw the nurse practitioner. Evie was not happy to be there and let us all know it. She was feeling so badly and the nurse had to take her temperature six different times. I thought about offering to help but decided not to say anything. Not sure what the problem was but she finally got a reading of 103.1. Oh my goodness, she has never had a temperature that high. She literally felt like she was on fire. I was sweating from holding her sweet little body. They decided that she had a lot of wax and they thought she had an ear infection. I asked her if she was sure since she did not seem all that confident with the diagnosis. Evie did not appreciate having her ears cleaned and got really mad when her shoe flew off her foot. I told the lady that Evie really liked her shoes and she retrieved the shoe for Evie. She looked at Evie's ear multiple times and then decided that there was 83% chance that she had an ear infection.She told me to keep an eye on her for a few days and give her the the antibiotic twice a day. I took Evie to get a strawberry slushy on the way home but she did not really care for it. Poor thing has not had an appetite at all, she has had a little fruit, a cookie, a cracker and half a piece of toast. Carl picked up her prescription on the way home. She was not so sure about that pink medicine but she took it. I put her to sleep but she was up within thirty minutes or so. Carl got her and he said she was sweating and crying. I got her and rocked her a little then she went to sleep. We are about to go to bed too since it may be a long night at the Niemeyer Nest. Thank goodness, our pediatrican lives right in our neighborhood if anything seems out of the ordinary he could get here quickly. Evie's never been sick before. We are so fortunate that she has been so healthy. I have been thinking of all the parents out there who struggle daily with their sick children. Its hard enough to see Evie with an ear infection. I sure hope she is back to being herself in the morning.


  1. Poor thing. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  2. I feel your pain! We are dealing with ear trouble over here too... I'm afraid we might end up having to go back to the doctor. We haven't had a solid nights sleep in days. I know it's so hard to see your baby hurting! I hope Evie feels better soon!

  3. I am cracking up at the 83% chance of an ear odd! (I read your later posts and see that Evie's feeling better. Yay! A sick baby is the saddest thing....but they are extra cuddly which is kind of nice. :)


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