Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Carolina Thanksgiving and Catch Up!

It's been a busy few days. We had a wonderful time with Carl's family in the upstate of South Carolina for Thanksgiving. Our snowy drive was beautiful and our little travelers did great too. Evie and Henry were thrilled to see their cousins. Mary and Lucy take such good care of our kids.

Sheila and Tony put together a delicious Thanksgiving lunch and we all enjoyed eating way too much. Evie ate a roll for Thanksgiving with plenty of butter. The rest of our day was lazy with a park trip, sitting by the fire and watching the kiddos play. We have so much to be thankful for and Thanksgiving means so much more to me these days. 

On Friday, we took a little road trip to Cashiers, North Carolina to stop at a local store called Rusticks. Lollie and Kurt found a coffee table and Sheila picked up some wine glasses. I was trying to keep my kids from destroying the store and wish I had spent more time checking everything out. Lots of pretty home decor and definitely worth a stop. Similar to PD's for you local folks! We had lunch at a local BBQ restaurant and then checked out a few other shops. A hike seemed like the perfect way to end the day so we took a short hike at White Water Falls. 

It was time to head back to see Santa and eat dinner. Henry enjoyed the hayride. Evie branched out and tried some new food under Mary's guidance. Peer pressure can be a glorious thing!

We had a delightful weekend at home too since we headed back to Tennessee on Saturday. On Sunday, we made Advent wreaths at church and then Carl took Evie to see Frozen. She kept calling it Frost which cracked me up. They had a ball! We decided to get our Christmas tree which was the straw that broke the camels back. Too much activity for one weekend! We did get the tree and it is up. Carl is really good at getting things done!

It's back to our normal schedule now! I have two half-days left of teaching this year - exam days and then I will be out trying to finish up my shopping. Lots to do and not much time. I miss that extra week after Thanksgiving! It sure makes a big difference.


  1. Ha! Your comment about doing too many things cracked me up...we are the same way! I always think we can get one more thing in, but it's usually a disaster. Hard to believe this semester is practically over. Exams at the college start tomorrow...but of course I give one on the very last day - next Wednesday! And can I just say....online shopping?! ;)

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the comment. Jessica doesn't nap anymore, unfortunately! She quit her naps months ago. My sister and I shared a room on and off when we were young.. I'll be curious to watch our girls do the same!

    Sounds like you've all been busy, busy! Visiting family is always a good reason. Enjoy the holidays!


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