Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Celebrate!

We had a wonderful weekend! It was so nice to have Carl home with us in our house. We did see him for about 24 hours last weekend but two weeks away from home is just too much. I think we are all relieved that is over now. On to the fun stuff!

Carl arrived home early Friday afternoon and we all squeezed his neck! Life quickly got back to normal. I ran out to the grocery store to pick up our order, got home and it was the wrong person's order. UGH! It was annoying but not a big deal since I did not have to lug the kids back with me. Dropped Mrs. Neuman's bag and retrieved my bag. Carl prepared dinner while I was out. We had a little celebration for our house in the dining room complete with candles and cake. All of it Evie's idea - she is real big on tradition! Carl and I caught up on all our shows after the kids were asleep. I missed being in the Homeland loop while he was gone but held out for him to get back. 

Saturday, I slept in until 7:30. That's sleeping in these days, folks! I ran out for a bit to run a few errands. Everyone rested or napped and then we headed out for family pictures that went amazingly well! Shockingly well, no tears, whining, yelling - so very pleasant. There are lots of good parts to kids getting older but I do miss the baby days. Not going back though! Evie really wanted to have a family photo with Raffi because she is part of our family. Our sweet photographer obliged - she may have agreed to anything after our super cooperative photo-shoot. We stopped by the library and headed home for an afternoon by the fire. 

Carl and I had a Date Night. We celebrated Ashley turning 40 years young! It seems surreal that my friends are turning 40 since I remember my parent's friends turning 40 like it was yesterday. How did we get so old? Ashley looks amazing and I sure hope to hold on to some vanity as long as I can. Luckily, I have 6 years left in my thirties. It was a fun party and the birthday girl was pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed champagne, catered Italian buffet and delicious cake. What a delightful night! We came home and watched some more Homeland.

Our children surprised us by sleeping late and then we scooted out the door for church. Of course, we stopped for doughnuts on the way home. That's a perfect Sunday morning: Jesus, coffee and doughnuts.

Carl whipped up some sausage soup while I watched Cinderella II with the kiddos. Evie and I hit the mall for a girls trip complete with See's Candy and new lipgloss or "lickgloss" as Evie calls it. 

Evie broke out into hives late yesterday afternoon. It's happened to me once and it's scary but luckily a little Benadryl and her welts faded quickly. 

We just spent the afternoon trying to stay warm during this cold snap. Brr, it's cold here in Nashville. 

That sums up our weekend of fun! Hope you had a terrific weekend and that your Thanksgiving week is off to a grateful start.


  1. I know you are beyond thrilled to have your family back under one roof! Happy, happy Thanksgiving, Niemeyers!

  2. Had to smile at your comment about not going back to the baby days. Amen! I'm envious of your easy photo session but thrilled for you at the same time. I'll let that give me hope for Sam in the future.


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