Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! We have been waiting for this day for a LONG TIME! Carl has been out of town for two weeks and we miss him. Can't wait to see him this afternoon. We've made a cake and painted pictures. Solo-parenting is tough and I am ready for some help. Gotta make this short because we have some cleaning to do before we head off to a Friendsgiving party.

1) Christmas PJ's: I am thrilled that our Christmas pj's arrived this week and are so adorable. Can't wait to see my two angels wearing them in  a few weeks. Christmas in coming fast with a later Turkey Day than usual. I've got lots to do! Our Christmas card photo shoot is tomorrow - might just be the kids this year. 

2) Playing School: Evie loves to play school. I love to see her in her element and that she is using her brain. It's nice to see all those years of too much TV have not completely rotted her brain. I picked her up from school one day and she exclaimed, "Mama, I can read now!" You know what, she did read a little book. It's just memorization at this point but it was still so sweet.

3) Goody Bags: Is it just me or has the goody- bag come too far? We made goody- bags in Evie's class. Each kiddo brought in a treat and the bags were assembled. Too much or all part of the fun? I was annoyed within 10 minutes of receiving the goody-bag because it tore which bothered a certain perfectionist that I live with and Henry's class did not get goody-bags so this was a source of frustration at our house. Happily, I can report, that the goody-bag from yesterday has already hit the dust!

4) Helping the Homeless: Our 20/30 group at church met to assemble bags for the homeless on Tuesday night. Evie and Henry went to the nursery after dinner with all the other kids. Guess who was disappointed that she did not get to meet the homeless people? That's right, Evie thought there were going to be real homeless people to meet and that she could give them a bag herself. My sweet girl has a heart of gold!

5) Haircut for Henry: Our little buddy grows hair like you would not believe. He had a pretty bad haircut a few weeks back - way too short on the top and it has taken way too much time to style. I finally took him into a barber this week - Rooster's in Brentwood if you are local. He loved it and so did I. It smelled like a real barber shop, was super cute and they know how to cut hair. It's the little things!


  1. Husband gone for two weeks! ouch! I would have had a break down :)

  2. Thankful your two weeks of solo-parenting are coming to an end! You are a rock star for powering through these weeks. And those Christmas pj's are adorable. I have fun picking ours out for Davis. Speaking of, I need to get going on that little project!

  3. i ordered the same jammies for my big girls! now i'm on the hunt for something for liza to wear that will coordinate :)
    and i love that evie plays school - isn't it so much fun to watch their little minds work?! i wish henry would pass on some of those hair growing genes to laney.... ;-)
    have a great weekend!!

  4. I can't stand goodie bags and as a preschool teacher I discourage them

    They are full of junk and the kids don't need it.

    Even at my boys bday parties....we try to give things kids will actually use.


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