Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Weekend!

It felt weird to celebrate Halloween on Friday rather than Thursday. Our kids thought it was just fine collecting candy anytime. We trick or treated with Campbell and Christian for the 4th year in a row. Everyone is so grown up now and barely needs assistance. We met up with some other neighbors along the way and had fun collecting candy together. Evie's favorite part was passing out the candy to all the neighbors. I think she would have been just as happy just staying home all night. Henry enjoyed eating the candy. I let them eat as much as they wanted and they have not asked for a piece since except when they see me eating their candy. 

Saturday morning, we headed to Radnor Lake for a morning hike. It was a beautiful day! Both kids had a blast hiking but that term is used loosely. Henry was carried most of the time and Evie alternated between hiking and walking. She brought her baby along for the ride - Anella! Evie took excellent care of Anella and even taught her to walk on the hike. Evie did not stop talking for one second the entire hike. Carl remarked that hiking is supposed to be a time of reflection but there was not much reflecting happening. 

Carl and I had a date night and went to see Gravity and out for Thai food. It was so nice to get away for a bit. Our kids had a blast with Taylor which makes it so much easier to leave them. 

Sunday, everyone was up about 6:30, not horrible considering the time change. It was nice to have time to drink our coffee before church and adjust to the time change. After church, we tried out a new spot for brunch - Frothy Monkey. I was so excited to try it but it is overpriced and we had to wait way too long for our food. Evie and Henry devoured their chocolate muffins while we waited for brunch. 

The rest of Sunday was filled with Sunday stuff like yard work, laundry and preparing for the week.  Hope your week is off to a terrific start!

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  1. I am laughing at Carl's comment about reflecting while hiking. We have a very similar chatterbox in this house also. Love the pictures!


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