Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's been a rainy, stormy Halloween but I have enjoyed a birthday that is not a holiday. First time, in a long time without trick or treaters. We are celebrating Halloween tomorrow which means we had a nice relaxing night at home. Evie and Henry enjoyed eating cake and carving the jack o lantern with Carl. We are looking forward to trick or treating tomorrow night. Happy Halloween!


  1. More well wishes for a wonderful birthday! What a treat to enjoy the day without the Halloween hassell. And that's one impressive pumpkin you all carved! Enjoy the rest of your special day and have so much fun out and about tomorrow night!

  2. Glad your special day was great! Your pumpkin is awesome and Carl's face is fantastic!

  3. Happy birthday! That cookie cake looks delicious. So glad ya'll had a great time celebrating!


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