Friday, October 25, 2013

Week in Review!

It's been a terrific week! I feel like we are all in the swing of things with our schedule and have found time for what we enjoy. Fridays are my most treasured days because it is my only day with Evie. I miss her so much while she is at school. Kindergarten is going to be tough on this Mama!

We had a blast with the Andre's last weekend. So much fun that I only took one picture! It was wild having a 2 year old, a 3 year old and a 4 year old all in the same house. Evie made her debut at the Honk Tonk's dancing with a strange man. 

It sounds really wild but it was really sweet. We went to the park, tried out some new BBQ - Edley's if you are local. Delicious! We shopped in Franklin and grilled out at home. Stayed up too late drinking wine and chatting. Finished off with lunch at Local Taco. Miss them already!!!

Evie was back to dance after a little hiatus this week which thrilled her to pieces. Henry and I attended a Pumpkin Tasting Party. YUMMY! I do love pumpkin anything especially muffins.

Henry's new teacher started and he cried a lot! That was hard on me - he held up his little hands and said, "Bell. Bye Bye. Cindy here." He will adjust but those tears make me sad! Evie has not shed a tear at school in years so this is new again. My little learner would go to school every day if I let her and has even requested to go on Friday like her friend Austin. Sorry, Evie - Mama gets one day!

Carl was out of town for work and we missed him a ton. Everyone was elated to see Daddy walk in the door on Thursday afternoon. We caught up on some family time with dinner and a dance party and then watched all our shows after the kids were asleep. Homeland is our favorite!

We went to the local nursing home to trick or treat this morning with our MOMS Club! A new place opened in town and it was amazing. Lots of moms were taking notes for their parents! It was a little sad for me to back in a nursing home but my kids did not skip a beat since loads of candy filled their buckets. Inter-generational events are important and this is one of my favorite ways to bring joy to both my kids and the residents. Such a fun morning!

We hung out at home watching movies, accessorizing and reading piles of books that Aunt Libby sent my kiddos. It was the perfect afternoon. Right when the natives were getting restless, it was time to head over to Courtney's house for a delicious lasagna dinner. Nothing better than pasta and friends!

Happy Friday, folks! Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start. It's the last weekend in October so make it count.  See you on Sunday!

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! Either we have also found our groove or we're just too busy to notice things are falling apart! This has been our busiest fall ever but we have been enjoying ourselves.


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