Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Party Time Girl!

It's been a day filled with parties! Evie loves a party especially if there is cake. I was so excited to join her at preschool for her Halloween party. It was really fun talking with all her friends and seeing Evie thrilled to have me with her at school. What a fun afternoon and the chaos was manageable. We had pizza, veggies and fruit along with doughnut holes for dessert. Games were on the agenda after lunch and then it was time for Trunk or Treat. Evie was super impressed that it was so easy to grab a big bag of loot. After school, we came home and chowed down on some protein to cancel out some of the sugar. Then, it was time to head to our ballet party! Now, that was chaos! It's easy to spot a rookie teacher on a holiday and Evie's dance teacher is a rookie. Pure craziness but still fun. Evie gorged on everything from popcorn balls to chocolate candy. All of the girls had a blast! Tomorrow, will be another day filled with treats galore. Henry's class will have their party too but his teacher knows that 2 year olds only need to see their parents at the beginning of the day and at the end of day. Otherwise, there will be tears. Happy Halloween!

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