Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday!

It's been a great week filled with fun! Of course, we had some crazy moments too but that is just life. Here's a peek at our week! Disclaimer: I started this Five on Friday last week and never finished. 

Princess: Evie wakes up every morning and immediately puts on a princess dress before coming to wake us up. One morning, she announced, "Mommy, aren't you so glad there is a princess in our family?" I do love the dress-up stage and love it even more that she puts the dresses off and on herself.

Playgroup: Henry and I joined a Baby Boy playgroup and it's so much fun. Several of my friends have boys as their youngest so it's great to play with the same friends that I already know but only with the little ones. Henry's favorite part of playgroup is cake - just like his sister.

MNO: I went out with some friends for dinner last night and had a blast. I'll be honest and say that I really was not in the mood - just wanted to stay home and read my book. Hard things are almost always worth it. We sat outside, enjoyed live music and crisp wine. My idea of a perfect fall night!

Parenting: I am on a mission to prepare Evie for the real world! Teaching again has made me more aware of how if we do everything for our kids and neglect to allow them to make some decisions than they are not prepared for life. I think parents worry more now than ever before and the world can be a scary place but it's our job as parents to give our kids the skills they need to make it in our world! Sometimes, I think that it will be easier to tackle the hard stuff later but it is never too early for the laying out the foundation. Evie and I have talked about empathy for others, Heaven, homeless people and friends that are mean this week. I try to listen more than I talk and give her ideas that are easy to implement. Evie told me that she could not play with her favorite friend anymore and when I asked why her reply was that "he had boogers in his nose." It made me laugh a little but it was a great conversation about just telling him that he needed to wipe his nose. I LOVE 4 year olds!

Fun with Friends: We have been enjoying lots of time playing with our friends! It's fun to meet up at a park after school, Chick fil A for lunch,  take nature walks in the yard or our favorite meeting the boys outside for a little playtime. Fall makes us all happy with cooler temperatures.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes wants to stay home instead of going out with the girls after a long day. It's always worth it though. And you are right about teaching changing you as a parent. I don't worry about academic skills at home, but with me in Kindergarten now I see lots of social skills, etc. that I want to be sure we're focusing on. We are buying underwear for needy kids tomorrow. I imagine that will be quite the conversation.


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