Monday, November 18, 2013

A little bit more than 4.5!

Dearest Evie,

   I am loving you so much at age 4. It makes me a little sad that you are inching your way closer to 5. Time goes so quickly but every day with you is filled with adventure and fun. You adore life and soak up every ounce of each and every day. Your favorite song is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and I cannot imagine a more perfect soundtrack for your life. You do LOVE to have fun and you find fun everywhere that you go!

You are such a happy little girl bouncing through life with a smile on your face. You are affectionate, kind and brilliant. You pass out hugs and kisses all day and ask me to cuddle you frequently. Your teacher told me that she thinks your heart is going to burst out of your body because you feel things so passionately. Often, the first to suggest making a card for a sick friend or jumping for joy at a class surprise. We see this at home too. You are the cheerleader of our family encouraging us all along the way. 

Being a big sister is your best role yet. You love Henry more than I ever imagined and you take such good care of him. It makes me smile to see you love him so well. Bringing him special treasures, helping him get a snack, showering him with hugs and kisses among other things.

You tell me all the time that you are an expert and a genius. I agree, you are quite knowledgeable. You asked for me to "learn you some letters" and were disappointed to hear that you already know all the letters. You want to learn to read so badly but the teacher in me does not want to push it. There is plenty of time for that. I enjoy hearing you create your own words for all the books on your shelf and watching you entertain Henry with stacks of books. 

You are still very much into the princess scene. Belle is still your favorite! You love to draw and entertain yourself for hours with a notebook and a set of markers. You love to help me in the kitchen cracking eggs, cutting veggies and mixing up concoctions.  Ballet day is your favorite day of the week. I love to see my little ballerina fluttering on the screen at dance class. It's fun to see your interests develop as you get older. It makes me dream about the big girl that are becoming right before my eyes. My heart aches to see you growing so quickly yet I am filled with excitement to see what the future holds for you. I know the Lord has BIG plans for you Evie Claire!

You are such a social butterfly making friends everywhere you go. You keep us entertained with stories about your friends at school. Jake and Austin are your favorites and you find them handsome and funny. School is your happy place and we are amazed at everything you are learning. Your brain is filled with facts and ideas that did not even seem possible a year ago.

You are easy to take out and about - much easier these days than Henry but sometimes you have a rough patch too. That's okay, we are all still learning! 

I found a huge bag of jewelry for you at a consignment sale and that bag has filled your with so much joy! That was a $1 well spent. Each morning, you choose a necklace that coordinates with your outfit and it takes us a good bit of time to get ready for you to make your appearance at preschool. A girl has to put her best foot forward even at age 4.

You have several "causes" that are near and dear to your heart - smoking, homelessness and littering. I find that amazing that you already have passion for your causes. You despise smoking and I have to rush you away from the smokers to keep you from blurting out something inappropriate. You take after me and feel strongly about your beliefs.

You enjoy going to church from the dressing up to Children's Chapel and your favorite part is taking the offering up in Big Church. You have learned several verses and we are working on more. My favorite verse you recite is "Trust in the Lord with all of your Heart." You say it with such conviction!

I love that you are so kind-hearted and if there is only one thing that I teach you - kindness is the most important thing. It matters more than almost anything else. I love that your heart is so tender towards others and that you are learning to seek out the lonely person on the playground or pass out a dollar to the homeless man. You call everyone friends and instead of using the word "people" you call them ones.

You still say some funny words. McDonald's is antdonalds. You sometimes take the first sound off letters and it is just so cute that I can hardly stand to correct your language. 

Your memory is very long. I find it amazing the experiences and moments that you can recall so easily. 

Evie, I love you so much. More than words can express. You are the little girl that I always dreamed of and I thank God for you every day. What a blessing you are in my life! I am so grateful that I get to experience having a daughter and you are the perfect daughter for me.

Love Always,



  1. So sweet, Jennifer! So hard to fathom how grown 4.5 seems, but on the other hand, there are reminders of how young they still are! I loved your statement that Evie is the perfect daughter for you. Isn't God amazing that way?!

  2. Beautiful post. She sounds like such a spunky and sweet little girl. Don't blink, she will be five before you know it.

  3. She is so beautiful. Inside and out. I love reading these posts on Evie cause I know I have lots to look forward to with Aubrey.


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