Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you have had a terrific weekend. Can you believe that November is already half way over? Time sure goes quickly!

Playdates Galore: My strategy for surviving when Carl is gone to find lots of stuff for us to do so we stay busy! I may have gone slightly overboard because we have had seven play dates this week and two more planned for Friday. It's been fun to see everyone and catch up. We have had lunches at McDonald's, backyard fun, book club, Mom's Night In at my house, Mom's Night Out at Chuy's and dress-up fun. What a week! We sure are lucky to have such wonderful friends to spend our days with and these memories will be treasured always. Best part of a play date is that it forces me to clean my house! Our house has been super clean all week. YAY!

Sticker Charts: Y'all know I love a sticker chart! It's amazing to me how much better positive reinforcement works with Evie than yelling or time outs. Jessa, one of Evie's little friends, told us all the reasons why our sticker chart was different from hers because she has X's and O's but we just have stickers. HA! That made me laugh!

Preschool Bully: Evie is having some issues at school with her first "mean" girl. I think the little girl is precious and I love her Mama but it makes me sad that Evie is already experiencing this. We are trying to use this as a teaching tool of how we treat others kindly. Any tips on how to deal with this? 

Scenes from McDonald's: We had a playdate at McDonald's and were surprised to see this baby drinking lemonade out of her bottle. Cracked me up and then as I thought about it made me a little sad 

Night and Day: Henry has had his days and nights a little mixed up this week. He has been ready to go with the roosters two mornings in a row. We had a little chat about how when it is dark that means it is sleep time and when it is light that means we wake up. He was adorable this morning when I went in to get him pointing at the window, "It's light, Mama." I love that precious boy!



  1. Gosh, the catty-ness (that can't be a word) starts early with girls .... well, I guess the bullying / ugliness just starts early in general. Bless her sweet heart -- hate that anyone would not be kind to her!!! I'm sure it is just a phase and hopefully the other mother is somewhat aware of what's going on and can quickly remedy that!

    And OH MY WORD --- 7 play dates. I present to you, the MOTHER OF THE WEEK award! 2 in one week wears me out! Ha!

    As for working part-time, it's going well, but I still feel like I'm struggling a bit with balancing "all the things" (work, Jackson being sick and needing to stay at home with him when I'm supposed to be in the office .... guess I feel bad about this when I'm only working 2 - 3 days a week and have a really good gig.... cooking, cleaning, making time for friends and of course, my blog!). After typing that, I pretty much feel like a pansy as I know many mamas are juggling much more. Just having to prioritize more I think and cut out a few things that just aren't vital!!

    How's it going for you overall?? Are the kiddos at daycare those days? I feel like J gets sick every week from Montessori school --- that's been hard for sure! Poor boy!

    Thank you for linking up and sorry for the NOVEL! Should have just emailed! Ha!


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