Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wilderness at the Smokies


We headed to the indoor water park in Sevierville for a weekend of fun! Evie has been counting down until the full-moon because that was her clue that we were leaving for our adventure. It took us about 4 hours to get there. We immediately threw on our bathing suits and hit the water park. Henry was a fan as long as the HUGE buckets of water did not hit him and Evie took off for the tallest slides that she could find. Once she made her way to the top, it seemed too high for our sweet girl - that is part of learning new things.  

We went to dinner at the on-site restaurant and it was okay but way too expensive. Can't say that I had not been warned to steer clear of the resort food. After dinner and ice-cream, we hit the arcade games for a bit. Evie loves winning tickets and earned enough for a harmonica, a best friend locket and a pink ring. Evie immediately wanted to give Henry the other half of the locket which I thought was so precious. Although, I am pretty sure she wanted to keep the necklace within sight too. Henry selected a snake with his tickets. 

It was our first night sleeping together in the same room and it was a success. We were all exhausted. Evie pointed out that we did not have any books. It was the first time I had forgotten books but Carl saved the day by reading some pamphlets. Carl and I loved listening to Evie and Henry chat together while they were falling asleep. I just love seeing their relationship grow. Henry went to sleep talking to Evie and woke up calling for her from his crib. 

We headed downstairs for doughnuts and a visit to the water park. Both kids had a blast this morning!

After showers, we headed for a scenic ride through the mountains. We had lunch, shopped a bit and drove on the parkway. It started pouring rain as we headed back to the hotel so it seemed like the perfect time to end our trip.

We enjoyed the resort but most of all enjoyed time together as a family.


  1. Sounds fun! That is great to get in a scenic vacation plus something for the kids. We have a Great Wolf Lodge near us which sounds very similar, so you will have to tell me if this is a good age to start. I have water park issues and have never done one, but I imagine I'll be getting over that quickly. Our first time in a hotel room together will be Disney and I'm already sweating it.

  2. What a lovely weekend!! Special memories for sure. Glad you all enjoyed it!

  3. So fun! I've been wanting to try a place like that!


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