Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

Henry and Evie were thrilled to participate in the Thanksgiving feast at preschool. Henry was so proud to take his package of rolls and Evie's class contributed pumpkin pie. I volunteered in the kitchen making plates with the tiniest portions possible. We cut the cranberry sauce into little pie-shaped wedges and it was so darn cute. Each class, created headpieces that were just a little different and it was fun to see them all file in for lunch. I was surprised that not one kid cried or complained during the feast. Now, there were some tears when the kids figured out that Mama was leaving. Both my kids were sad that I was leaving. They recovered quickly though!

Henry surprised me and really chowed down at the feast. I have never seen him eat that much before. He was a BIG fan of the turkey and the pumpkin pie.  I love seeing my kids interact with their friends. Henry is best buds with Nicholas and Evie best friend changes by the day. What a fun day! I sure am thankful for my little turkeys, their wonderful teachers and the relationships they are building. Preschool is the time to learn to be a good friend and that is surely something to be thankful for.

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