Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jacque the Giraffe from Paris

We were so excited to have Jacque visit our family over the weekend. What a treat to have this jovial giraffe experiencing our Christmas traditions with us.

Evie was beyond thrilled to have Jacque come home with her and made lots of plans for us all. Some of these pictures are repeats but I want to document our house guest.

Friday, we went Christmas caroling at a local retirement home. Evie pushed Jacque in the baby stroller and sang her heart out with Jacque. Their favorite carol is Jingle Bells! All of the residents loved meeting Jacque, the little giraffe from Paris. Jacque loved meeting some of Evie's friend and eating his first candy cane. 

That night, we took Jacque with us on our 12th annual Christmas dinner at the Japanese Steak House. Jacque was impressed with the fire and the knives. He had delightful table manners and thought chopsticks were really fun.

Saturday, we took Jacque back to school for the Christmas program. He was so proud of his beloved Giraffe class and adored seeing everyone shine on stage. What a fun morning! We took lots of pictures to capture the moment.

Jacque helped us create our first Candy Cottage. He really likes chocolate and we found him digging in the M&M bowl. YUMMY! We watched lots of Christmas movies and snuggled on the couch.

Jacque went to church for the first time. He thought the stained glass windows were beautiful and he loved singing songs. Evie took Jacque to Children's Chapel and he loved learning the song Let it Shine. We heard that one all afternoon! Jacque certainly was well-behaved in church. 

After church, we went to Starbucks for lemon loaf and lattes. Jacque likes lemon loaf just like Evie and Henry.

We spent Sunday afternoon painting pictures, cuddling, doing chores and looking at Christmas lights. Jacque loved learning about the Advent calendar and our resident elf, Elfa. He loves Christmas traditions!

Evie was sad to leave Jacque on Monday for school. Jacque went to the mall to meet Santa. He really liked Santa and played peek-a-boo with him. Santa thought Henry was Jacque and that Jacque was Henry. He figured it out real quick after he asked me if the little boy spoke English. Oh the things, we do for our children! Santa was so kind to take pictures with Jacque especially since Henry was not interested in Santa at all. 

Jacque was excited to pick up Evie from preschool. We decided to check out the Scholastic Warehouse Sale and stocked up on some fun books at terrific prices. Jacque was a bit disappointed that there were not any books on France or giraffes. 

We sure were sad to take Jacque back to preschool! He became part of the family in a few short days. What a special weekend. Hope Jacque comes back soon.


  1. Jacque had quite the weekend with y'all! Avery's class has Chester from The Kissing Hand. With only four in Avery's class we get Chester a lot, which is fun...sometimes! I had good intentions of getting a Candy Cottage this year and totally forgot. I bet making our gingerbread house will help me remember for next year.

  2. Adorable pics. Just checking in to let you know I am praying for all your sicknesses!!! Merry Merry Christmas!


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