Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Round 2

My parents arrived on Sunday for Christmas Round 2. They were kind enough to come later so they could babysit for us during a NYE party. That saved us tons of money - babysitters were charging BIG BUCKS to babysit on NYE.

Evie and Henry were super excited to see Nana and Ipop and of course to open more presents. Henry really got into the present opening this year. Both kiddos scored some super fun presents. Evie carted everything up to her room to organize it at bedtime. LOVE that about my sweet girl.

We had a wonderful visit with my parents. My Dad loves cars so we decided to check out the Lane Motor Museum - it was pretty amazing although was foreign. They had an incredible play area for the kids and we had a lovely morning checking out cars. Picked up some Edley's BBQ on the way home.

My mom and I went to the mall with Evie that afternoon. Evie sure is a terrific shopper. Carl better hold on to his wallet as Evie gets better at shopping.

Carl had to work for a bit on Tuesday but the rest of us headed out for doughnuts and to run some errands. Everyone loves a doughnut especially Ipop. 

Carl and I headed out to our super fun New Year's Eve party. Our sweet friend Phaedra turned 40 and celebrated with a swanky soiree at McConnell house in Franklin. Delicious food, amazing friends, flowing drinks and free babysitters. What a night! It was a wonderful way to ring in 2014!

New Year's Day is always a low-key day around here. We took down some Christmas decorations. Our tree was completely dead and left a horrible mess. Oh well, my little helpers swept up the needles and everything is back to normal now. We enjoyed a traditional New Year's Day meal of pork, Hoppin' John, collards,and cornbread plus M&M bars for dessert. Those  have to be on the tradition list, right! YUMMY - the dessert was the best part.

My parents headed out on Thursday and all of a sudden our house felt very quiet after all of our Christmas company! We sure had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you did too!

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  1. What a fun Christmas. I know you guys enjoyed having the grandparents in town. The kids are probably missing all the extra attention.


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