Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday!

It's been a super busy whirl-wind week. I have made a conscious effort to slow down next week and just enjoy life at home a bit. We had a terrific week - it was just a bit too busy. I am doing a quick re-cap for my Friday Five this week.

Monday: It was MLK Day so we celebrated with a day spent with my two favorite kiddos. We started the day at My Gym at their open house. I had planned just to get a membership to have on hand for birthday parties and summer camp and such but guess what - you have to sign up for a class to get the membership. Oh well, Carl and  I have been discussing that Henry needs an activity so Henry is now enrolled in gymnastics for the next 8 weeks. I figured by then it would be warm and we could go to the park and the zoo instead of being cooped up inside all the time. After that, we headed to Pump it Up to meet our friends, the Lennings and the Hans for a morning for some jumping fun. Henry spent the first part of his morning laying on the floor sucking on a lollipop - and we wonder why we have strep!  Thank goodness, I used a coupon for his admission because he definitely did not get my moneys worth out of his visit. Evie ran into some friends from school too and had a grand time running and jumping. It was a gorgeous day so we played outside when got home took a quick nap and then walked over to the park. What a wonderful day and such a tease for spring! I had such a fun day with my kiddos. It's rare to have a day with both kids home from school so it was a real treat. Just for the record, lollipops are not the norm - they were just captured twice that day!

Tuesday: We all headed to school and it was a cold, blustery day. Evie seemed a little lethargic at school so we headed to see our good pal Dr. Brooks. He diagnosed Evie with strep throat. A bit of a surprise since she did not have a single symptom other than being a bit blah but we had strep last week so it was not a total shocker. All four us ended up on antibiotics within one week! YIKES. That's a record for us! Carl earned major brownie points because he changed sheets and filled humidifiers while I was at the pediatrician and then cooked dinner and kept the kids while I picked Evie's prescription. All four of us headed to bed early that night!

Wednesday: We had an unexpected day at home since Evie was still recuperating! It was nice to have time to catch up on some chores around the house and for Evie to rest a bit. Evie's friend, Leah, dropped off a birthday gift which really cheered up Evie! That Doc McStuffin Shirt was the perfect birthday gift for a little sickie and the mermaid sticker set kept her busy for a bit. We did go to the YMCA for dance and a quick workout for me that night since it had been 24 hours on meds. Mama needed to get out of the house since Carl had a work dinner.

Thursday: Back to school for everyone! It was a wild day. After school, I went to a Stella & Dot party, a dance at my school ( talk about adorable - seeing all those kids dancing around) and then Mom's Night out at 55 South - YUMMY! It's Nashville Restaurant Week so it's a great time to try all the Nashville Original Restaurant's at a terrific price.  That was a LOT of running around. Then, I came home to catch up with Carl a bit. What a day!

Friday: Evie and Henry are really into gymnastics these days so we headed to a gymnastics lesson with our MOMS Club and then to the YMCA with some friends. Just planning to take it easy for the rest of the day. It's about 20 degrees - perfect weather for cuddling up for a movie with hot chocolate.

Carl and I are looking forward to a date night tomorrow to another restaurant that is participating in Nashville Restaurant Week - Jimmy Kelly's and then our annual visit to the Boat Show. We love checking out those fancy boats! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and cozy.


  1. Oh I am so jealous that you had some great weather to get outside. We have had below zero for most of the week and have a winter blast coming in for the weekend. My students are so ready to get outside. Sounds like you had a busy week with lots of fun activities.

  2. So sorry about strep! That is no fun at all. Before we left, the flu and stomach bug were everywhere and I feel like I'm just holding my breath waiting for something to strike. I hope the boat show was fun. That is such a neat tradition for you two. I'm afraid we would end up coming home with a boat if I took Ned.

  3. Visiting from the link up! Your kiddos are precious! Hope everyone feels well now :) Have a great week!


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