Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Evie!

Dear Evie,

     Your BIG day is finally here - you are 5 years old. A whole hand! You are so excited to be turning 5. It's going to be a big year my friend -graduation, kindergarten, learning to read. WOW! I get excited just writing about it. You have big plans for this year too and tell me all about things are going to when you are 5.

Daddy and I are so proud of you! We love you so much just for being Evie. You are beautiful, kind, smart, loving and hilarious. There is never a dull moment with you sweet girl. It seems impossible to us that you are turning 5. We still think of you as the tiny little baby that you were in these pictures.

Everything is fun for you but you really loves princesses, Peppa Pig and the color pink. Lots of P words but you would have already noticed that by now. You keep up with the color, number and letter for each memeber of the family and even taught Henry his assigned color, numbers and letters.

You like to draw, play outside and organize. I find some crazy things like necklaces layered around your humidifier or your own little clothes hamper made out of a miniature basket. My favorite was when you made a shoe box for all the shoes that belong to your dolls and ponys. You put it right next to our shoe box at the side door.

You love to read and are thrilled that five year olds can get their very own library card. WOW! Of course, we are headed to the library immediately after school. I read you four books before bed tonight because it was your last night of being 4.

It still makes me teary to think about how fast you are growing up but they are happy tears. Sometimes those baby years are rough but the reward comes about age 4. We have had an absolutely magical year with you Evie but this fifth year will be even better.

Daddy and I love to talk with you and hear all the things you have to say. Sometimes it seems like you have perhaps a tiny bit too much to say but we still listen. You are such a kind-hearted little girl. I told you that you were the sweetest girl in your class and you looked at me with the most sincere face and said, "Mama, that might hurt the other girls feelings. All the giraffes are very sweet not just me."

You are an amazing big sister. Always willing to lend Henry a hand from taking off his shoes to getting him a snack. You use your soft motherly voice and patiently repeat yourself. If it gets to be too much, then you go off the wall a bit. It's okay Evie, all Mama's feel that way sometimes.

Your last picture as a 4 year old.
Evie, you are the perfect daughter for our family. God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you part of our family. We could not imagine life without you in it! Happy Birthday to the little girl that gave us our best role in life- parents.

Looking forward to seeing this next year unfold. We have officially entered the big girl years. You are ready, big girl. Let's see what you've got.

Love Always,

Mama and Daddy

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