Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday!

It's been a wild week around here. I was expecting that getting back into the routine would be good for all of us except Mother Nature changed our plans. We had a light snow on Monday causing our first day back to school on Tuesday to be canceled. That change got us all out of sorts!

Birthday Preparations: Lots of birthday prep going on for our almost 5 year old! YIKES. Still cannot believe that my Evie is turning 5. I cry about it! Not sure why because this has not been my reaction to any other birthday. I think it is just the idea that kindergarten is looming and that there are no more babies. Evie has really enjoyed crafting, wrapping and choosing her birthday supplies. She's definitely my daughter because she always has an opinion. We are really looking forward to her gymnastics party this weekend and really loving that it is not at our house!

New Year's Resolutions: We are working on reducing screen time at our house. That includes all screens even Mama's iPhone which if I am honest is the biggest problem! Ordered Hands Free Mama - got it, lost it -how appropriate. Bought another one and the lost one showed up! Life sure throws curve balls every chance it gets. Can't wait to really get into the book. Finished The Big Disconnect over the weekend and it really struck a chord. I knew it was time to work on this when Henry's favorite sentence became, "I watch show."Warmer weather and being back on schedule have drastically helped us all!

Gracie: My parents sweet dog, Gracie, passed away this week - 3 months after my grandmother. We have all been sad and it has brought up lots of questions about Heaven. Evie asked if Mamaw and Gracie were in the same Heaven. She also said that she is never going back to Nana and Ipop's again but changed her tune after a few hours. I think she was just really sad that Gracie is gone. Me too. Gracie was a rescue dog had the best temperament. 

The Painted Pearl: Rush over to The Painted Pearl on Facebook and check out Courtney's blog for more information. Be sure to enter the giveaway for some darling jewelry. I have been friends with Courtney for over 25 years and she is the real deal! One of the most genuine people you could ever meet plus she makes amazing crafty items! Sure wish I could have just a touch of her talent! The Painted Pearl was under our Christmas tree and it was a favorite gift for sure. 

Lost Luggage: Carl flew to Tampa with two colleagues on Tuesday. Their entire flights luggage was lost. Luckily, Carl received his luggage within a few hours of landing but some people were not so lucky. It was a good reminder to pack those necessary items such as medications and important documents in your carry on bag. 

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  1. So sorry about your parents' dog. Her face is so sweet. Thrilled we are tackling the iPhone at the same time! I figured your book would reappear.


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