Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday: Birthday Edition

It's Friday again and time for Five on Friday - Birthday Edition.

Evie loved celebrating her birthday! What a fun and special day it was for her. A BIG thank you to everyone who sent messages, called, sent gifts and thought of our sweet Evie on her birthday. Evie woke up about 7 ready to celebrate. She was thrilled to be 5! 

Dunkin Donuts: We broke our Krispy Kreme tradition this morning and went to DD. Evie was set on sending donut holes for her class snack and I knew DD was the best place to get them. It was a big deal for us to get out of the house by 7:45. We barely make it out by 8:45 on a normal day but we did it today in the name of donuts.

School Love: Evie's teachers did such a terrific job of making Evie feel special on her birthday. They had a birthday banner outside the classroom, a birthday certificate, a classroom job for her, a gift, sang her Happy Birthday, and gave her a special headband to wear. WOW! Those Giraffes really know how to celebrate! I loved being with her at snack time on her birthday. It's always fun to see Evie in her element at school and see how much attention she received for her birthday. Evie has never been to school before on her birthday so this was a real treat.

Library Card: Evie finally received her library card. She listened solemnly while the librarian explained the rules and all that jazz to her. Evie promised to bring back the books in excellent condition and on time. It was adorable to see her sign her name on the back of her card. This was one of the best parts of Evie's entire day and something she has looked forward to for months.

Presents: Daddy got home early and not a moment too soon. Evie had just been debating if she could just show Daddy her presents if she opened them before he arrived. Carl really wanted to see her open the presents and made it just in time! Evie has been dying for a "pink puter." It's all we have heard about for weeks. We were on the fence about what to do but then there was a flash sale on Amazon with a pink kids tablet at an AMAZING price. Decision made! Evie opened all her other gifts first - a bag of treats from Henry, Brave the movie, a Ken doll and some clothes. She was so disappointed after opening the last present and it was the one with the clothes because she just knew it was the "pink puter." Evie was thrilled to find out there was a present hiding behind the pillow on the couch. Oh dear,  I cannot imagine how devastated Evie would have been without this pink computer.

Burger Up: Evie's teacher Ms. Corrinne works at an amazing farm to table burger restaurant in 12 South. Evie has never been there or even heard of it until meeting Ms. Corinne. Once Evie found out about Burger Up from Ms. Corrinne, she knew this was the perfect destination for her birthday dinner. Carl and I were happy to oblige because it is one of our favorites too. It's a tad too fancy for Henry but he was perfect. Henry loves Ms. Corinne too and kept calling it "Corinne's restaurant." We had a delightful dinner and Ms. Corinne pulled out all the stops for Evie. Brownies with ice-cream and candles plus a kitchen tour! Impressive. Evie will always remember this special night.

We came home from dinner and watched the home movies from Evie's first few days of life. One of my favorite birthday traditions.  It usually makes me teary but I have embraced Evie turning 5 and decided that it is not so bad. Evie was teary tonight and seemed to really understand how much she has changed in the last five years. It's always nostalgic to look back and see how we have grown and changed as a family. I know one thing for sure - I am so thankful for our Evie Claire and her special day! 

What an amazing birthday! Here's to making year 5 the best one yet. Happy Birthday, Evie!


  1. Can't even believe she's 5! We love you Evie! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  2. So so sweet!! Glad your girl had a special day.

  3. Evie is so beautiful it's untrue!! ;) Seriously cannot wait to pile big bows on my future daughter's head!!!!! xx

  4. I love all of these pictures. What a special day for everyone! P.S. We will gladly purchase any used Hannas. Avery is in a 100 now and I'm buying 110 for next year. ;) Avery is excited to wear the princess outfit from "the girl with the Giraffi" while we're at Disney.

  5. It looks like she had an extra special 5th Birthday! She looks so excited with her pink computer.


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