Sunday, January 5, 2014

2.5 Henry!

Dear Henry,

  You are 2.5 years old today! Time is really flying by with you.  I often still think of you as a baby but you are not a baby anymore. It's hard to believe that Evie was 2.5 when you came home from the hospital and now here we are with you. WOW! 

You are still a little peanut but have finally grown out of your 18 month clothes. All of your 2T fits for the most part and your feet are still about a 6.5. You'll grow one day! At least you are portable - that makes carting you around a lot easier. That's one thing that is very different about you and Evie. She always wanted to walk in public - you prefer to be held.

Even though you are tiny, you certainly eat plenty of food. Some of your favorites are bell pepper strips, hummus and of course chocolate. You are still a big snacker but are doing much better eating your food at mealtimes. One morning last week you had three different breakfasts - sleeping must make you super hungry. Daddy and you love to eat popcorn together. You can eat your weight in popcorn.

Your vocabulary has exploded in recent weeks! I had been thinking about taking you to see a Speech Language Pathologist but there is no need for that anymore. God always has perfect timing and you are speaking in complete sentences. You say some of the funniest things! You along with your sister have decided you would like a baby to come live with us. A real baby! It's funny to hear you say, "Baby come live at my house." Of course, "I love you Mama" is my favorite. You say "sorry Mama" because you are always getting into things that are supposed to be off-limits. You get yourself into some real pickles and it's a good thing you are so adorable.

I know my days of jon-jons are limited so you will be sporting them as long as I can. The good news is that we know a 4 year old at church that still wears them so at least everyone is used to it. I just love a baby boy in a one piece suit. Precious! You have quite an opinion about your clothing and dictate which shirt would best suit you for the day. That's why I have to be sure that I like all of your shirts!

You are really into robots, monsters along with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Jake has become a regular member of our family. He sleeps with you and watches tv with you. Even your vitamins and yogurt are Jake themed. 

Blue is your favorite color and you refuse all pink. That might be a problem because there is a lot of pink around here. 

 You are a cuddle bug and will sit on my lap reading books, watching shows or eating snacks. You are a big kisser and always have a kiss to pass out. Sweet Boy!

You love playing outside except when it is too cold. You have mastered climbing, jumping, kicking balls and you are learning to ride your scooter.

You are quite the Mama's boy right now. I am the only one that can get you out of the crib, get your drink, get you out of your carseat etc. It's a phase and I will certainly miss this adoration. 

Speaking of adoration, you truly adore your sister and play with her, fight with her and love on her all day long. She gets lots of hugs and kisses too! It is heartwarming to see you love her so much and the feeling is mutual. You look for her when you wake up and you always have to tell her goodnight. Sisters are good to have around and I am so glad you have such a strong bond with your Evie. You even call her, "my Evie."

It's hard to imagine our life before you were here! What an amazing little boy you are - the perfect one for us. We love you from the top of your head to the tips of your stinky little toes. We thank God for the love and laughter that you give us every day. What an incredible blessing you are in our family. Looking forward to the journey to 3 but you will always be my baby boy.




  1. Henry and Jessica are so similar! Happy 2.5, Henry!

  2. So sweet! Love the John John outfits too!!!

  3. Henry sounds like so much fun! I love reading what he's up to. I just told someone the exact same thing about one-piece outfits. A little boy in the Kelly's Kids catalog just looked too big in his, so I'm going to getting as many as I can.

  4. He is getting so big! Can't believe he is already 2.5! Happy half birthday little Henry!


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